Play the Cards Right and Win the Best Online Blackjack

Want to be the next king of spades or queen of hearts? Tired of playing with people who are a few cards short of a full deck? Then life is going to be pretty ace with our review of some of the best online Blackjack casinos. These are the sites that have the casino Canada community the most excited and where we could find the biggest variety, biggest winnings, and bonuses that blow the mind.

Which casinos offer the best online Blackjack experience?

Casino name Our ranking Decision base Link

  • Great variation
  • Great library size
  • Great bonus

  • Great variation
  • Great library size
  • Good bonus

  • Good library size
  • Good variation
  • Great bonus

We evaluate this using two different criteria: the quality of the Blackjack games on the online casino sites and the quantity of the games on the sites. For the absolute best online Blackjack experience we want a casino that can keep us busy with online as well as live Blackjack games – preferably with different themes and fun variations. With that said, we will also weigh in on the bonuses offered by the casinos.

The Blackjack games a casino site offers are related to which software providers they have partnered with. Evolution Gaming is one of those providers that specialize in live casino games, and of course, do so with quality in mind. Since the merger with NetEnt in December 2020, we can only assume that whatever online Blackjack games the two (soon to be one) are responsible for are going to be superb. Unfortunately, that has meant that all NetEnt live casino games have been shut down.

As a clear winner in this online Blackjack review, Jackpot City won by a landslide. They have the variety, the size, the bonus… In short; no one makes online Blackjack like Jackpot City.

Betway casino comes in at a close second with an amazing selection of Blackjack games that we would relish in given the time and the fortune. The bonus is where Betway fell on their sword. It simply doesn’t compare with the winner. 888Poker (yes, we can appreciate the irony of the name) is a good third. Not because of the great range or size of online Blackjack games, but because of an important bonus feature that we will dive into later.

Where can I play Blackjack online with friends?

Whilst one can play online Blackjack completely solo or with complete strangers, live Blackjack is always better when played with friends. At Jackpot City Casino the live casino is available as soon as an account has been registered (which everyone knows by now takes only a couple of minutes). Once logged in, find the live casino section and then choose live Blackjack. Inside the game room, the chat room interface will allow those in the game room to chat with others seated around the virtual table. Friends can join by entering the same game and joining the chat room. Just agree on which Blackjack game to play first such as Big Five Blackjack, Bonus Blackjack, or Atlantic City Blackjack Gold to ensure that no-one is waiting for each other in other virtual game rooms.

Now, virtual hangouts have been the calling card of 2020, but we’re sick of it. And in true online gaming form, that’s why we prefer getting the friends together physically and then play online Blackjack together. It’s a good middle ground, especially when the buddies are not that savvy with the rules of all the Blackjack games variants. Logged into the same table, the gang might even help each other count cards whenever possible or compete to see who can win the most money.

And getting together doesn’t have to begin and end with a games night at one of the friend’s houses. Modern times have made it possible to have gameplay on-the-go. Car-pooling or riding the same train to work? Then why not spend the time having a bit of fun playing an actual game rather than playing the waiting game? Head on over to the nearest mobile app store, download the mobile version if available, and have the same online Blackjack game rooms at your fingertips – literally. Many regular players have also found that online gaming often leads to new friendships with other regular players as well. So, not only can one play Blackjack with friends, but new friendships blossom in the Blackjack rooms every day. And maybe a new friendship will be the biggest win for that session.

Blackjack game online

There are many online Blackjack for money games available (many more than people realize). Not only is there the standard Blackjack card game every player is familiar with but there are also a few varieties of the game to enjoy. Some varieties include Pontoon, Perfect Pairs, Atlantic City Blackjack, or Vegas Strip Blackjack. There’s no need to stick to one game when all this virtual assortment is on offer.

The standard game rules still apply to a Blackjack game online. Use the face values of the card 2 – 9. Aces are either 1 or 11. Tens, jacks, queens, and kings all count as ten points. Simple really. All a player needs are the quick skills of addition and the game is afoot. Don’t get distracted by yelling ‘hit me’ all the time, as it doesn’t do much without pressing the right button in the online Blackjack setting.

The online Blackjack site is certainly no different from playing around the table in real casinos, at least not at its core. The big differences are that the players can play on any mobile device, the decks don’t get kinks from card sharks and playing can be done in the pool while floating on pink flamingo floaties – Mai Thai cocktails optional.

Play Blackjack for free online

What is better than gambling with real money? NOT gambling away hard-earned real money. But can one even play Blackjack for free online? Well, the old saying remains true: there are no free lunches. If a player wants to play Blackjack for free online and actually earn some real cash, the only way of doing so is to find a no deposit online casino cash bonus and use that bonus to play the online Blackjack games.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many casinos that let anyone just play Blackjack online and take the free winnings home. With no deposit bonuses there are always wagering requirements. And the wagering requirements on table games are always stricter than on, for example, the slots. The odds of a player winning when playing table games are much better than with other casino games, so the online casinos are trying to manage that.

888Poker is one of those golden nuggets in the online casino world that allows new players to get that free no deposit welcome bonus and use it for some good table gameplay. Using a promo code, $88 will make play available right from the start, whether Poker or Blackjack, without putting any real money down. So anyone can hit the ground running and enjoy the online games, with nothing at risk.

The other way to play Blackjack for free online is to go on any site that just has Blackjack games for fun. It’s not quite the same since there is no online Blackjack real money involved, but it’s a way to pass time, get used to the game and try out a specific strategy. Some of these games even tell users when the cards are being shuffled, so it’s a great way to practice counting cards. After all, the purpose of gambling online is entertainment, not an alternate source of income.

For an enhanced social experience, try live Blackjack

Time to ditch the fake game room friends and get the social interaction through the live dealer Blackjack experience instead. Live Blackjack Canada will bring real living and breathing dealers to any Canadian’s screen. Don’t be embarrassed if the play is happening during bath time; the dealers can’t see you as you can see them. Although the role of the live Blackjack dealer is not to become a lifelong friend, they are there to add the best live experience they can. A live dealer will chat away on screen as the bets are made and the cards are being dealt, but won’t be able to hear what players have to say if they just speak out loud into the mic of their computers. However, players can communicate with the dealer and other players through the chat functions mentioned earlier whenever they have something on their minds during gameplay. It’s like having a real Vegas casino experience – just a lot quieter.

What are the odds of winning real money in online Blackjack?

The most frequently asked questions when it comes to playing online Blackjack; does it differ from the real version? The live casino version? Free version? The answer is not as simple as one might think, as the outcome of each hand being played is subject to whoever is holding the cards. But whilst players can test out their latest Blackjack strategy within certain gameplay restrictions, the house also has certain rules on how they can play their hands. All these rules and restrictions differ from different types of Blackjack games to the different casinos.

In the online version without a live dealer the Blackjack games often work through a random number generator (RNG) that generally makes it impossible to attempt a card counting strategy. Some games will reshuffle the cards without players knowing it. But other games will announce it on the screen. Some games even tell gamblers how many decks they use and won’t reshuffle without saying so. We enjoy the latter type of games since it mimics the real deal and we can get our Rain Man on.

The live dealer Blackjack games are also more like the real deal. They can’t really shuffle the cards without us knowing, which means that we can get a better feel for the odds of a specific card value showing up.

Regardless of what we say here, there is no sure way to say what the odds of winning real money in Blackjack are. The whole thing boils down to strategy and how players choose to play the cards they’ve been dealt. There are a number of things to consider and think about when playing Blackjack online (or in real life for that matter). But we’ll dive into that in more detail later.

Worth noting is that the house edge in Blackjack is one of the lowest amongst the casino games, depending on which gambling strategies players adopt. This is why online casinos often have high wagering requirements for Blackjack in regards to their bonuses.

What are some of the beginner rules and tips for Blackjack online?

Since we are huge gambling nerds we know most of the maths and statistics behind most casino games. Online Blackjack is one of our absolute favorites. Due to the simple nature of the game and the prerequisites we deal with, it’s fairly simple to learn both the game and the strategies. Depending on if the dealer is using a single deck or multiple, the odds of getting certain cards will differ. But we’re not going to get into specifics, we’re getting straight to the applicable online Blackjack tips and tricks.

As always, when addressing beginners, the number one rule in all types of gambling with real money is to always gamble responsibly. That means gambling with money that players don’t need. Casinos are built to make money in the long run, and no betting strategy alone will trump the house edge. But one of these strategies has fascinated many players and has kept many casinos on their toes; counting cards.

One very simple way of counting cards is to just keep track of how many high-value cards (10-K) have been played in relation to how many low-value cards (2-5). The more high-value cards that have been played, the worse it is for gamblers. This translates well, regardless of how many decks are in play. What is worth keeping in mind is that single-deck Blackjack is way easier to keep track of for beginners, so maybe stick to them. Another general tip is to always split aces and stop when reaching 17 or higher. The house generally has to stop at 17, so if players do the same it will increase their odds of winning.

Are there any risks associated with counting cards in Blackjack in Canada?

Legally, there are no risks whatsoever to counting cards. When playing live dealer Blackjack in real life, the casino will most probably notice anyone counting cards and firmly ask them to leave. Before anyone gets upset: it is their casino after all, they can throw out whoever they want.

The only risk of counting cards in online Blackjack Canada is to be screwed over by the fact that all casinos are also aware of the phenomenon and are taking countermeasures. They usually tell players before reshuffling the decks and so on, but it’s worth keeping in mind that they are actively working against card counting, so players need to be vigilant.

What are some alternative games to live Blackjack?

Yelling 21 can get tiresome after a while, especially if a player has mastered the rules and strategies of the game. There are online Blackjack variations such as European, American, or Spanish 21 but sometimes a player wants to wager more on a wider variety of online and mobile casino games.

Online Roulette

Exchange the cards for chips and hit the online Roulette games. Choose to play online, live, or for free at most online casinos that offer Roulette. Roulette is a fun and thrilling gambling game to learn to play. Players can wager on odd or even numbers. Bet on red or black numbers. Group the bets or bet the entire stack of chips on lucky number 13. Spin the Roulette wheel and wait with bated breath as the virtual Roulette ball spins and tinkles to land on the lucky number …. Well, any number is lucky if it means a win.

Online Slots

Stressful day at the office? Not in the mood to count to 21 when the day has been spent neck-deep in target figures, budgets, and accounting spreadsheets? Then hit the casino’s online slots. It’s a good way to blow off some steam and way cheaper than a therapist. Use the free bonus, but take the wagering requirements into account. And by doing so, with no cost or counting involved, the online slots will just require a clicking finger to spin the reels and take home a win.

Time disappears much faster with spinning reels so standing in that long queue in the bank could be the perfect opportunity to play some slots.

Is Bitcoin an accepted form of payment at online Blackjack?

Despite rocketing towards a more digital world some online casinos and Blackjack sites will only accept the traditional forms of payment such as credit/debit cards or bank transfers. There are however several bitcoin casinos, and some very specific to Canada, so there are definitely casinos that accept bitcoin as payment. Just keep in mind that many casinos do not.  

Digital currencies come with fewer fees than their more traditional counterparts, which makes it an attractive form of payment for all those online Blackjack games. Bitcoin payment is also anonymous so there is less of a chance that a player’s data, identity, or money will get stolen by unscrupulous hackers or other thieves lurking in the shadows of cyberspace.

Can online casino bonuses be used to play online Blackjack?

A generous casino welcome bonus (especially a no deposit bonus) is an awesome way to welcome new Blackjack players to the game. With a no deposit bonus, the bonus can be used to play online Blackjack at no cost at all to the player. It does however require a player to register an online account with the casino in order to claim the bonus in the first place. However, some casino bonuses are not always welcome bonuses or bonus cash. Sometimes there are free rounds to be played so take advantage of those freebies and see if you can’t increase those online Blackjack winnings.

Online Blackjack is much broader than many people think and with such a wide variety of games and great odds against the house, we highly recommend that avid online gamers go check out some of the sites and strategies mentioned within this review.

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