Bitcoin Casino Canada; the Ultimate Gamble?

As avid online casino players ourselves, we understand the allure of a good gamble. But a few years ago some individuals took a much larger gamble than most could stomach. As time passed, it was a gamble that proved to pay off. We’re talking about the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. And whenever we have an online casino discussion about anything casino Canada related, this subject always comes up. And the same questions are asked over and over again; can we play online casino games using our Bitcoins? And if so, where? Well, finally, players will get all these questions and more answered in this official Bitcoin casino Canada review.

The best Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin casino promo code offers in Canada

There are actually quite a few online casinos that allow players to play and even win in Bitcoin. But before anybody starts scouring the web to find these elusive needles in cyberspace haystacks, we have already done the research. Here’s the lowdown on all the best Bitcoin casino deals currently available :

Casino Bonus Type 💰 Bonus Added Extras 📮 Wagering Requirements Bonus Code Button
First Deposit Bonus 152% up to 2 BTC 180 Free Spins 40x bonus NA CLAIM
First Deposit Bonus 177% up to 1.5 BTC 77 Free Spins 40x bonus 177BIT CLAIM
First Deposit Bonus 155% up to 1.5 BTC 200 Free Spins 28x bonus NA CLAIM

Casino reviews

Our main focus and objective of this article is to answer player’s frequently asked questions and give them a go-to list of the very best Bitcoin online casino promotions and deals. If we had to include in-depth casino reviews of each of the platforms hosting these promotions and deals, this would turn into a Bitcoin casino book and not just an article/review. But don’t despair; it doesn’t mean that we haven’t done that research and groundwork already. For those in-depth analyses of the various sites mosey on over to our full casino reviews page for our best online casino Canada reviews.

Are Bitcoin casinos in Canada legal?

Whether Bitcoin casinos are legal in Canada becomes a bit of a grey area full of loopholes. Firstly, operating an online casino (no matter the currency they use or accept) from inside Canada is illegal. That being said, most online casinos already operate from various other countries such as Malta due to a multitude of business reasons such as certain tax benefits. So whether the online casino stakes its reputation on being a specific cryptocurrency casino or any other, as long as it’s online it needs to operate from outside the Canadian borders. But just because these online casinos don’t operate locally, doesn’t mean that these online casinos are business entities that have complete free rein.

All online casinos (at least when they are legit) are officially licensed business entities that are regulated by a number of regulatory bodies. These range from gambling commissions to independent third parties who audit the sites, software and games on a regular basis to ensure fair game play. Therefore anyone playing online casino games within Canada can rest assured that the feds won’t come knocking on their door just because they pay and play in Bitcoin. As long as the site is registered within a country where online gambling and online casinos are legal and the site has been proven to be trustworthy (which is another story altogether), players can play to their little gambling heart’s content and pocket those winnings completely guilt-free.

Do Bitcoin casinos also offer a no deposit bonus?

Plenty. In fact, if a player keeps an eye out on some of our top Bitcoin online casino sites mentioned in the table above, they will most certainly come across a no deposit bonus somewhere, sometime. Remember, no deposit bonuses, just like most other bonuses, are often changed on a weekly or even a daily basis and many of them are also seasonal such as Christmas promotions and bonuses or Easter promotions and bonuses.

Generally, a no deposit bonus is usually a good go-to bonus if a player is tight on budget or just wants to test the water without having to actually spend real money. Just be sure to check the small print and read through the T’s & C’s thoroughly since that’s the regulations and restrictions that can make or break a bonus.

Casino bonus

It’s important for us to mention casino bonuses in general when talking about Bitcoin no deposit bonuses. Real clever players find ways to combine multiple bonuses in their game play to get the most benefit. These other bonuses could include extras such as free games or free spins or even a spin on a megawheel that contains free spins, games, cash prizes or other giveaways. Combining a no deposit bonus with a 1st and even (if one’s lucky) 2nd, 3rd and 4th first deposit bonus is a fantastic way to extend game play and increase a player’s chances of taking home a big win. Any online casino bonus is a game play perk, but it’s how seasoned players combine them that can make all the difference.

How does Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus work?

Well, in exactly the same way that a no deposit bonus in any other currency works. A no deposit bonus gives players the opportunity to play on the site without having to deposit any real money up front. This can either be done by using a specific promo code or merely by registering an account on the site. No deposit bonuses are great for a number of reasons:

One can work with no budget

If the budget is tight or a player literally doesn’t even have two cents to rub together, this is a good way to still be able to play some online casino games. Just keep in mind that this is not a get-rich-quick option for someone actually trying to make some money from nothing. No deposit bonuses have quite stringent T’s & C’s and extremely high wagering requirements which means that it will probably take a very long time before a player will be able to withdraw a cent of their winnings.

One can test out the online casino scene

Many newbies are not really comfortable playing with real money and putting their hard-earned cash on the line. This is quite understandable if one doesn’t understand the general processes of online casinos, the rules of the various online casino games or have any knowledge regarding whether an online casino is trustworthy or not. A no deposit bonus allows one to check whether the online casino scene is even something one wants to get into in the first place without risking any real money.

One can test out a game

Avid online casino players will always say that they have a preferred go-to game. Whether it’s a table game such as Blackjack or a specific slot such as Starburst, every regular player has a favourite. And even an avid and regular Blackjack player will confess that they are not so comfortable placing that bet on a Poker game or Roulette wheel they know next to nothing about and have no real experience in. A no deposit bonus may open the door to a new favourite game for a regular.

One can explore

Certain restrictions may also be opportunity. Many no deposit bonuses are used to introduce and promote a newly developed game. Although many players see this as a drawback and limitation, many players enjoy and jump at the opportunity of discovering the latest the online casino developer world has to offer.

One can get some extra value

This is probably the biggest and most beneficial difference between every day no deposit casino bonuses and Bitcoin no deposit bonuses. Bitcoin is not essentially a retail currency for everyday expenses. Bitcoin is still very much perceived as an investment currency. The value of Bitcoins is also not attached to any specific exchange rates and its value is very much determined in the same way one would value stocks. Therefore, that 5 BTC bonus a player claims today might be worth much more tomorrow.

It’s a universal currency

This is the one currency that can be “used” in every country across the world. Ever heard about or come across an online casino only to find out that they don’t cater to one’s country? Well, with Bitcoin casinos this is not an issue. Also, nobody needs to convert their pounds to dollars or dollars to euros in order to play an online game and cashing out one’s withdrawals are also much simpler and less expensive since there are not that many third parties involved in a payment or a cash-out.

Although Bitcoin no deposit bonuses have a multitude of benefits, we also need to warn players about a few general issues one has with promotions such as these. It’s especially important to mention since many new online casino players are completely unaware of certain general restrictions and limitations that usually come with these bonuses and this can often lead to disappointment, frustration and, ultimately, abandoned winnings on a platform:

Read the small print

This is not only in terms of the general T’s & C’s of the bonus, but even refers to the small print often written on the bonus display banner on the site itself. As mentioned earlier, some bonuses have other restrictions than just the usual T’s & C’s such as limiting a cash bonus, free games or free spins to a specific game. Now, although we see it as an opportunity to play a new game for free, a player who didn’t read that specific limitation and was under the impression that they will be able to play some of their favourite games for free will be quite disappointed. Some might even end up not using that no deposit bonus at all even after it was claimed.

Take note of the wagering requirements

Even though wagering requirements on an online casino site might seem to be fairly standard, a no deposit bonus often has extremely high (and sometimes completely unrealistic) wagering requirements. These wagering requirements can essentially mean that a player won’t be able to withdraw a cent of their winnings for a very, very long time.

Take note of the withdrawal limitations

Most online casinos have a withdrawal limit that determines when a player is allowed to start cashing out their winnings. In the case of a no deposit bonus that limit might be even higher than normal which will also impact when a player will be able to see any of their winnings.

Take note of the winnings limit

If no deposit bonus matters couldn’t get worse, this gem of a regulation pops up. So before jumping up and down after hitting the jackpot only to realize that you are not eligible to win that much in the first place, take a very long, hard look at those stipulated winning limits.

Take note of maximum bets

Just because a player essentially gets handed free money with a no deposit bonus doesn’t mean that they will suddenly be able to look like a high roller and start throwing those high stake bets around. Many of these bonus deals also include a maximum bet limit. In terms of prolonging game play and managing a player’s budget, this might actually be a benefit, but many players feel like they would like to use a no deposit bonus as their once in a lifetime opportunity of sounding like an ultra-rich bad-ass and saying “all in” whilst also tipping the croupier. That is rarely the case when it comes to no deposit bonuses.

Are online Bitcoin casinos legitimate? 

This is a question that can be asked about online casinos in general. A legitimate site is not merely based on the currency used on the platform. This concern is simply raised more when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since most people are not sure what exactly Bitcoin is and how it works. Anything that people don’t really understand, frightens them. But there are very easy ways to ensure that the platform a player is dealing with is the real deal:

It’s all about the reputation

No illegitimate or dodgy online casino can exist without someone saying something within the online casino industry. This can happen in various ways; it may occur during a discussion over dinner with a fellow player, it may appear as rumours or whispers within the online casino community forums or it may be outright complaints and terrible online reviews. But a player won’t know any of this for sure unless they do their research properly. It’s very simple; if 10 different people are complaining that their withdrawal transactions aren’t being completed and they can’t get a hold of support, then there’s probably a very real issue.

If it’s too good to be true…

The old adage remains true, yet many still get caught with the same carrot. Any avid online casino player’s hair on the back of their necks will stand upright when somebody is offering them a no deposit bonus of 1000 BTC, 500 free spins, and no wagering requirements as long as they sign up with all their personal info and credit card details, yet there are still many who simply jump at the offer. Follow the same advice as was pounded into one’s head at school when it came to the topic of being offered drugs – just say no.

What’s in a name?

We’re willing to bet that Shakespeare never knew how true those words would end up being when it comes to online Bitcoin casinos. There are only a few renowned software and game developers within the online casino industry. All of them have been in the industry for decades and are responsible for some of the all-time player favourites. This becomes even more relevant when it comes to sites offering players live game play. Either way, whether a new or a regular online casino game player, players need to do their research and ensure that the casino site is backed by some of the creams of the casino crop when it comes to developers. Some of these big names include Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt.

Check the paperwork

Any gambling entity, whether online or on-site, needs to have an official license in order to operate legally. Casino sites usually display their license information at the bottom of their website or within their FAQs or T’s & C’s section. Just double-check that as well since one doesn’t want to be duped by fake licensing details and information. Once again, this is something that one can simply Google to find some mention of it in an official gambling review if the site is deemed untrustworthy in any way.

What goes in, must come out…

Or at least that’s true for a legitimate online casino site. It doesn’t matter how great the welcome offer or other bonuses on offer on the site is, if a player will never see a cent of that promised bonus or their winnings it’s completely irrelevant. Criminals have certain preferred methods of payment and it definitely doesn’t include trusted payment platforms. Trusted payment platforms where players can make transactions with complete peace of mind include PayPal, Ewallet sites such as Skrill, etc. Many of these payment platforms not only protect one against withdrawal transactions but also offer protection when it comes to deposits. If an online casino site suddenly promises to pay out winnings via Moneygram or some E-wallet no one has ever heard of – RUN.

There’s a difference between a review and a ranking

Yes, as we’ve previously mentioned, it’s easy to scope out the reputation of a Bitcoin casino via fellow players, online casino community forums, and a review or two. But there are sites dedicated to ranking the best and most trusted online Bitcoin casinos on a yearly and even monthly basis. Google those sites and see how many rankings correspond in terms of important things such as transactions, trusted payment and banking methods as well as support, and the safe and secure sharing of personal info and other any/all navigation on the site.

Casinos can be blacklisted too

Except for a bad review or two that might leave a sour secure casino site taste in a player’s mouth, casinos can actually be blacklisted. This happens when casinos have been officially reported to official regulating bodies and authoritarian Canadian entities due to serious indiscretions. These are usually linked back to questionable so-called “safe and secure” transactions, irregular banking and payment methods, the punting of a specific and unreliable cryptocurrency, and possible rigging of slots and Poker software or even live games. Google Canadian Bitcoin casino blacklists in order to make an informed conclusion.

Time is of the essence

Any/all legitimate websites will have a date that the website was created clearly displayed at the bottom of the website. The site will also have an established online presence on social media platforms etc. If a player ever comes across a site that was created only recently with no so-called other online track record to speak of, it’s much better to simply play it safe and give the platform a skip. It’s a well-known ploy by scammers to set up fake phishing sites overnight and simply remove the site as soon as they’ve achieved what they set out to accomplish.

Is fairness guaranteed?

An online casino needs a license in order to operate legally, but they are actually not legally forced to disclose the details of their gambling software or games. That’s why any site that has the stamp of approval from an independent third party that regularly audits their gambling software and games is definitely a casino that cares about transparency and ensuring that everything is on the up-and-up.

The best free Bitcoin casino offers in Canada

Free is a very relative term when it comes to online casinos. In order to choose the right free Bitcoin casino offer, one has to understand exactly what they entail including all their pros and cons. These offers change on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the best Bitcoin casino offers in Canada are, but there are a few types of casino offers that will allow players to get their hands on some free BTC crypto:

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus has already been discussed at length in this article, so we’re pretty sure that everyone has already got the gist of it. But a no deposit bonus is the easiest way of getting free BTC without any risk at all (if one assumes that all those niggly T’s & C’s, restrictions, and regulations we talked about earlier are in order).

Welcome offers

Welcome offers have always been a way for casinos to entice players to their platforms and with Bitcoin online casinos it’s no different. Players get rewarded free BTC simply for signing up and registering an account with the casino. But be sure to choose the welcome bonus only after thoroughly reading through the small print.

Deposit Bonus

A welcome bonus might get a player to sign up to a specific platform, but it’s the deposit bonuses that keep them there. Many casinos can get so generous that they not only offer a 1st or 2nd deposit bonus, but also a 3rd and even a 4th! Most of these deposit bonuses are match-up bonuses which means that the casino will match a player’s deposit amount from 25% of the total to even 200% of the total amount. That essentially means that a player often gets the opportunity to play with double the amount they were planning on playing with. But yet again, it’s those confusing and often unread T’s & C’s that can throw a spanner in the deposit bonus works, so be sure to read through all the small print thoroughly.

Cash Bonus

These can also be added extras to a no deposit or deposit bonus or simply even a special daily, weekly or seasonal bonus with a specific promo code. Either way, this is an easy way to get one’s hands on some casino crypto. But once again, be very wary of the wagering requirements since that can sink a cash bonus well before the actual claim thereof.


Whether a player is actually playing with Bitcoins or another currency, many games and casinos offer certain winnings in Bitcoins. Whether it’s an option as a win on a wheel spin or whether it’s simply the preferred pay-out currency, Bitcoins are up for grabs in a variety of shapes and forms.

Does the Canadian Gaming Association allow Bitcoin casino instant withdrawal?

Once again, Bitcoins are often given a reputation they don’t deserve. Online casino withdrawals and deposits aren’t any different from most payment methods and their deposit and withdrawal times – they all vary from platform to platform. Some online casinos may offer immediate and instant withdrawals whilst others may take between 3-5 days and others even longer; between 7-10 days. And the legality around Bitcoin and the Canadian Gaming Association comes back to the legalities we’ve already discussed. Although Canada tends to be seen as one of the blockchain technology leaders of the world, online casinos are still not legal if operated within Canadian borders. Therefore, if we want to be very technical about it, a Bitcoin casino operating within Canadian borders will not be allowed by the Canadian Gaming Association whether they offer instant, 3 days, or yearly withdrawals.

If the Bitcoin casino is licensed and operated from outside Canada, the Canadian Gaming Association views Bitcoin withdrawals in the same way as any other casino withdrawal in terms of what is allowed or not. Even though the Bitcoin withdrawal process without the many third parties involved, looks a little different from general currency payments and transactions. The Canadian Gaming Association is actually at the forefront of innovating the Canadian Gaming industry and is constantly and actively trying to innovate and keep up with the times which includes all things crypto. This has been very apparent with their latest roll-out of what they refer to as CGA 2.0 in which they clearly state that they plan on always advocating for further evolution within the gaming industry and that they plan on doing this in three key areas; Advocacy & Awareness, Research & Innovation, and Dialogue & Convening.

The Canadian Gaming Association is clearly not a regulatory body set out on stifling an ever-growing industry or spoiling the fun for anyone. Their aim is rather to keep innovating and enhancing the industry whilst ensuring safe gameplay to all players.

How to use Bitcoins for live casinos, online Roulette, online Blackjack, and online slots?

Not only can Bitcoins be used all across the world, but they can also be used for all types of casino games whether live casino online games, online Roulette games, any Blackjack game online or online gaming slots.

Live Casinos

More and more live casinos are adding crypto to their list of payment method options. The one thing that is really interesting is the fact that Bitcoin is often the only cryptocurrency that casinos use for both withdrawals as well as deposits. Some of these Bitcoin live casino sites allow players to play anonymously and without giving out too many personal details, but most have a very standard online casino account registration process. As is the issue with many online casinos, some Bitcoin live casinos have certain country restrictions. So, if a player finds a live casino that does not cater to Canadians, they can easily use a VPN to still join in the live casino fun.

Online Roulette

Playing online Roulette with Bitcoins is very similar to playing with any other currency, except for the fact that a player will need to choose whether they want to play with Bitcoin from the get-go or whether they want to play with normal currency and then have it converted into Bitcoin. And whilst playing and withdrawing with Bitcoin might be slightly easier than normal currency due to no meddling third parties all wanting a piece of the pie, the initial set-up might be a little tedious for some. Just as is the case when deciding who to bank with, Bitcoins require a Bitcoin platform a player will need to decide on using. Once they have decided on the platform, they will need to officially open a Bitcoin wallet. They will also need to create a public Bitcoin address which will become a sort of digital identifier when it comes to online transactions. After all of this admin has been completed, activation of the wallet (as with bank accounts) will require a small deposit. A player can then start purchasing and collecting Bitcoins and play online casino games in this currency.

Online Blackjack

Most avid online casino players know that the game with the best odds for winning is Blackjack. So whilst playing, depositing, and withdrawing in regards to Blackjack may look the same as the rest of the online casino games, the winning might just increase exponentially.

Online Slots

Slots are still the most popular online casino game. Therefore it’s no surprise that slots offer some of the best promotions, bonuses, and other special offers one can find in online casino land. This is no different when it comes to Bitcoin casinos. If one keeps their eyes open, there’s a lot of “free” Bitcoins to be made with online slots.

It’s abundantly clear that Bitcoins are here to stay and that more and more online casinos are adopting cryptocurrency as an official payment method. And if players use our tips, they will definitely reap the Bitcoin rewards.

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