Our Ultimate and Comprehensive Online Casino Reviews of 2024

If a player should ever search for “casino Canada” or “online casino reviews” on Google, they will be met by thousands of possibilities. Sadly, those choices are not always entirely what they appear to be and many have fallen prey to scam artists, unethical and unsafe gaming practices, and small print that got their winnings stuck in a cycle of endless paperwork. So which of these casinos should be a gamer’s go-to when it comes to playing? We reveal all in our just-read-one-instead-of-a-million-online-casino reviews casino review:

The best casinos in Canada in 2024 – our independent and objective reviews

King Billy
2500C$ + 250 FS
Casumo Casino
100C$ + 50 Free Spins
PowerPlay Casino
Jackpot City
2250C$ + 200 FS
1000C$ +120 FS
Bizzo Casino
1000C$ + 150 FS
Goodman Casino
3000C$ + 350 FS

What are the rating criteria for our online casino reviews? 

We don’t just thumb-suck our ratings based on personal opinion. Our Canadian online casino reviews and evaluations are built on a point system that can be used by anyone when evaluating websites such as this. Each platform starts at 5 points with points deducted for each category that does not meet the specific category requirements. The following categories and points make out the review and evaluation process:

  • Established: 0.5 points
  • Regulating Bodies: 0.5 points
  • Pay-out Speed: 0.5 points
  • Payment Options: 0.5 points
  • Bonus: 0.5 points
  • Games Variety (Amount of Games Available): 0.25 points
  • Games Variety (Different Types of Games Available): 0.25 points
  • Game Providers: 0.5 points
  • Live Dealer Games: 0.5 points
  • Mobile Game Play Available: 0.5 points
  • Customer Support: 0.5 points

As stated earlier, there are very specific requirements that each of these casino categories must meet, otherwise, the aforementioned points will be deducted from their review total. The following are the requirements for each of these categories: 


A platform that has been established/founded in the last 5 years has not yet built up the necessary credibility and trust compared to other casinos that have withstood the test of time. Not many start-up businesses manage to survive past year 5 and the same goes for online casino platforms. The general rule of thumb when it comes to using platforms or websites requesting a user’s personal details and payment details is also to always check the date the platform/website was created (this is usually displayed at the very bottom of the homepage). This is because scammers have become much more tech-savvy. They are no longer just sending out fake mails, promising millions from some Nigerian prince. Many create websites and platforms that run for mere days or weeks at a time, taking as much as they can from their non-the-wiser victims, and then shutting the website down and disappearing into the abyss of cyberspace. Because of all the aforementioned, if a platform has been established in the last 5 years, this point will be deducted from their review total.

Regulating Bodies

Many online casinos are registered and licensed in more than one country in order to provide gaming services all around the world. Each country and licensing entity usually has a regulatory body/authority that regulates a gaming platform to ensure that fair and ethical play takes place. Most of the credible and trustworthy casinos also have an independent third party that tests and audits the games, random number generators as well as other software in order to ensure that the odds are not purposefully stacked against a player and a win. In other words, most online casinos have quite a few regulating bodies involved in their day-to-day operations in order to maintain fair and ethical online gaming services. Therefore, if a casino has less than 2 regulatory bodies keeping an eye on the platform, this category point will be deducted from their review total.

Pay-out Speed

Every winner wants to know how long it will take before they can get their hands on their winnings and see the money in their bank accounts. Although 3 – 5 days may be a general standard for many payment methods, there are platforms that have instant withdrawal times and others that might even take more than a week. Like most fellow gamers, we believe the quicker, the better. Therefore, if an online casino presents a withdrawal time that is longer than a day (no matter which payment option a player chooses), this point will be deducted from their review total. It’s important to note here that we do not count the standard processing period most casinos have as part of the withdrawal times.

Payment Options

There are quite a few online payment methods available and players have their personal preference according to withdrawal times, charges, fees etc. That’s why it’s so important for an online casino to have a wide variety of payment methods to cater to all gamers and their payment preferences. If the platform does not have a few payment options that might suit many (which includes a variety of eWallets), we deduct half a point. It is important to mention here, that although the use of cryptocurrency on platforms is on the rise, it does not yet have a predominant place amongst payment methods as a general rule of thumb and therefore we have not taken the presence of cryptocurrency payment options, or the lack thereof, into account here. Although there might be a plethora of online payment methods out there, not all of them have a trusted reputation. Therefore, even if a platform has a myriad of payment methods, but not many are used or trusted within the online casino community, we will deduct the point within this category.


Whilst many online casinos have bonuses and promotions (especially welcome bonuses for new players), many of these offers are not really something to write home about. This can range from silly $10 cash bonuses to ridiculous wagering requirements of over 70 and unreasonable withdrawal limits. Therefore, the point deduction in this category works two-fold; minus points if the bonus offer is terrible and minus points if it doesn’t have a bonus at all.

Games Variety (Amount of Games Available)

It’s all fair and well if an online casino boasts a wide variety, but if each category houses just one variant it doesn’t mean much, does it? On the opposite spectrum, a gamer might come across a casino that mainly focuses on only one type of casino game like slots. But if the platform gives the opportunity to play on 1000 slots, that’s a definite win in any avid online gamer’s book. Therefore, the first criteria when it comes to variety is the total amount the platform has available. If a casino platform hosts anything below 200 games, we deduct the points.

Game Providers

Gamers can tell a lot about a casino platform by the game providers they keep. Avid online casino gamers know exactly which developers are well-known and trusted within the online casino community and which of these developers are responsible for some of the biggest fan favourites such as Starburst and Book of Dead out there. These popular and legendary developers also have a reputation to uphold and they will not be aligned with sub-par casino sites. Therefore, if we don’t see any of the industry legends such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech etc. featuring on a platform, or we see only one or two, we deduct the allocated points.

Games Variety (Types of Games Offered)

This is the second criterion when it comes to our games variety review category. Although a casino that primarily focuses on slots may offer 1000 slots to play on, it’s still not going to satisfy the gaming needs of an avid Poker or Bingo player. Therefore, although a platform might have a large number in total, the variety in terms of different categories might be lacking. If that is the case, we deduct the points.

Live Dealer Games

Many gamers (especially avid table game players), enjoy playing these games. This gives them that real casino feeling even whilst sitting in their pj’s on the couch. Therefore, if a casino platform does not give the opportunity to play in this mode, we deduct the points.

Mobile Game Play Available

The modern world is constantly on the move. There is a reason why we refer to the “rat race”. This rat race also includes our fellow online gaming “rats”. Many gamers want to enjoy playing their favourite whilst on the move. They want to play whilst riding on the train or the bus, they want to play whilst waiting at the doctor’s office, and they want to play whilst waiting to pick up kids from school. The only way a player can do that is if a platform offers them an on-the-go option. It’s very important to remember that mobile doesn’t just refer to a mobile phone, but all mobile devices (tablet, iPad etc.)

Online casinos offer mobile play in a variety of ways. Firstly, they simply develop their website to be mobile compatible. That means that the platform will still look and function pretty much the same no matter which device a player plays with via their web browser. Secondly, a site may develop a downloadable app. These may have device limitations attached such as that the app only works on iOS devices or only on Android devices or it may even only be downloadable on phones. The third option, and the option that is not used very often since its unnecessary effort on both the casino and player’s part, is when a platform releases actual software that must be downloaded in order to play on their mobile version.

The entire concept regarding a mobile casino is the ease and convenience of playing whilst on the go. Therefore, if a platform does not have a mobile option in either a downloadable app or the website being 100% mobile compatible, we deduct the allocated points.

Customer Support

There are few things as important as customer support on an online casino site. Where technology and actual money meets, things can go very wrong. Customer support can come in a variety of forms. Platforms can lend help in the form of a FAQ section as well as give them the option of reaching out to them via call, email, or chat. There are a few criteria we look at when we evaluate this review category. Firstly, we see whether they have a variety of contact options. Not all feel comfortable speaking over the phone or a gamer might not have the time to write an entire email trying to explain the issue/situation. Secondly, we want to know whether the help/support is going to cost something – even when it’s indirectly.

For example, if one has to phone customer support, they will be charged for that phone call. But many also have a toll-free number. Thirdly, we look at the turnaround time of the customer support. In other words; how long will it take for a question to be answered or an issue to be resolved? If the only way a player can reach out to a platform is popping them a mail, but it’ll take 48-72 hours before customer support responds, it’s not going to help someone much who just had numerous accidental duplicate charges go off from their bank account which left them completely broke.

And if one phones the toll-free number, will they have to hold on for hours after a robot on the other side told them that they’re number 5000 in the queue? Lastly, we look at operating hours. Any gamer knows that play usually doesn’t take place during normal office hours. If something goes awry, one wants to be able to get in contact even during the odd hours of the day or night. Therefore, if any of these criteria are not met, we deduct the points.

At a loss for time? Here is a simplified list of casino essentials for your convenience based on the above reviews:

Best slots online

Finding the best slots online can be quite a challenge since players are spoilt for choice these days. So what exactly is it that gamers should be looking out for? We tell you exactly what makes up the perfect slots platform and on which of the casinos above you will find them.

  • Decide which themes are most enjoyable. A player might like playing slots that need 7’s to align. Or one with an African wildlife theme. Whatever the theme, this will make it easier to scope out a new slot casino site merely by quickly scanning the slot library.   
  • Watch out for those wagering requirements. A novice or someone on a tight budget will need a slot where the minimum bet is quite cheap, but a high-roller will want to up the ante with a max bet.
  • Decide which jackpots to chase, if any. Some games promise huge jackpot wins whilst others offer jackpots on a much smaller scale. A player needs to decide which of these jackpot wins they want to pursue.
  • Watch out for the bonus T’s and C’s. A player might think that they are the luckiest person in the world when they hit a jackpot with that welcome bonus free spin… ‘Till they read in the small print that wins using bonus free spins will only payout to a certain amount.
  • Check the pay-out rate. In the casino industry, this is referred to as volatility. Many games have a massive jackpot or many bonuses, but the actual wins are few and far between.
  • Check the RTP. This tells gamers how much a slot is programmed to pay out in the long haul.
  • Check the Volatility and RTP combo. If one manages to find a slot with a high RTP and low volatility that equates to a lot more wins at a lower value where credits last longer.
  • Find favourite developers. As we’ve already mentioned earlier in this review there are certain cream-of-the-online-casino-crop software developers that are responsible for some of the best games in the industry. If a gamer finds that they like two or more games by the same developer, odds are that they will enjoy the other titles by that software developer.
  • Test the casino waters. Many platforms give the opportunity to play a demo version first without betting any actual money.
  • Do they offer slot tournaments? Although we are used to the card tournaments, slot tournaments are a fairly new thing. Yet it has managed to already gain quite a following. It’s very important to remember that unlike their card counterpart, slot tournaments rarely offer cash prizes. A winner is more likely to walk away with free spins or, if they’re really lucky, tangible prizes such as a holiday or even random items such as a beach umbrella. Either way tournament odds are practically the same as simply spinning those reels (let’s be honest; the slots don’t require nearly the same skills as a card tournament). And if there’s a chance of winning some cool prizes, it’s still prizes that would’ve probably cost a lot more to purchase than to simply play for. That alone makes tournaments well worth the try. A lot of the time, tournaments are also part of a platform and developers’ marketing plan to introduce gamers to a new game, so tournaments are a good way of staying on top of some of the latest trends within the industry. Plus, tournaments can be quite a lot of fun and also help to connect fellow gamers with each other.

For those who enjoy movies and popular series themes, we highly recommend Captain Cooks Casino. This platform boasts exciting themes such as Bridesmaids, Game of Thrones, and Tomb Raider. If a person is chasing that mega jackpot, we recommend giving Grand Mondial a try since they have jackpots of over $1 million and even give players the opportunity to become instant millionaires using bonus free spins.    

Best Online Blackjack

Blackjack is definitely a favourite of many gamblers. But how to choose the perfect Blackjack site can be tricky. We tell you how and which of the aforementioned casinos in Canada is the best Blackjack option.

  • How many variants does the casino have? If a platform only has one kind of Blackjack, an avid Blackjack player will get bored very quickly.
  • Check the site’s loyalty program. This might sound odd, but Blackjack in general has a low house edge. That means that the odds of a player winning is bigger and even when they lose they will lose much slower than with other games. Loyalty program rewards are based on how much a player plays and how much they wager. If the loyalty program has not put any restrictions on certain games, Blackjack might be an easy and fun way to rake in the loyalty rewards.
  • Does the site have live Blackjack? Many avid Blackjack players prefer playing in this mode every once in a while, so if that is not an option they probably won’t be too happy on a platform. And if so, is it run by a reputable industry giant such as Evolution Gaming? No player wants to be left in the online casino lurch by a glitchy game or play something with sub-par graphics and visuals. When playing the games provided by prominent software developers, gamers can rest assured that there will be a few hours of good gameplay in store for them.
  • As with most games a gamer has to check the RTP.
  • Check the table limits. This works in a similar way as with the slots. A novice will probably be more comfortable starting out with a fairly low minimum bet, whilst a seasoned player will probably want to bet as much as possible in order to collect bigger winnings.
  • Most avid gamers want to play on-the-go. Therefore when picking the best online Blackjack site it is crucial that the platform either has a downloadable app or has ensured that its website is 100% mobile compatible
  • Ensure no-hassle pay-outs. There are quite a few online Blackjack sites that have built up a nasty reputation for either making the withdrawal process incredibly hard for gamers or simply not paying out their winnings at all. Either way, they’re not the kind of issues you want to be confronted with when playing Blackjack online. In our experience as reviewers, we have had many times where we were unable to find certain information regarding casinos online. Yet, when we started chatting about it on forums or asked other gamers within the casino community, they were very quick to tell us about their own personal experiences with certain platforms. That’s why we highly recommend that gamers do not simply go off the first review they can find, but cross-reference with a couple of review platforms as well as the majority opinion of the online casino community.

In terms of our review of Canada casinos, these all have pretty much the same Blackjack since they are all sister sites; Classic Blackjack Gold, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, Atlantic City Blackjack, and European Blackjack Gold. This is a fairly decent amount of variety for a table game. And since these platforms offer real-time games, gamers will be even more impressed. But for the novice, we would recommend playing on Zodiac Casino since they can play Blackjack for merely $1. And for those who want a little head-start, head to Luxury casino since one can use their big signup bonus to play.

Best online roulette 

A player can go around in circles when trying to find the perfect Roulette site to play on. Here’s what to look out for and we lift the lid on which of our Canada casinos are worth the Roulette spin.

  • As with the rest of the table games, a gamer needs to check how many variants the platform has to offer. Roulette has classic and modern versions, so gamers should probably choose a more balanced site offering a variety of both kinds to keep the boredom at bay.
  • There are a few software developers within the industry that have made a big name for themselves when it comes to Roulette. If these providers feature on a platform, a player can rest assured that they will be getting the best and most trusted Roulette gameplay. These software providers include Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, and Evolution Gaming.
  • Does the site have live Roulette? As is the case with most table game players, they enjoy playing in this mode every once in a while. If a platform doesn’t have this option, that particular gaming craving won’t be satisfied.
  • Roulette is a time-sensitive favourite. The longer a player plays, the more likely a player is to win. That’s why a Roulette table with a lower minimum bet is a good option to keep a player playing for longer.
  • Test the waters before starting to play with actual money. Check what other avid Roulette gamers have to say about the platform on the gambling forums and message boards. If there’s anything remotely shady about your newly discovered Roulette site, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be comments and complaints about it within the online casino community already.
  • Big and popular casinos sometimes hit the brakes on a player’s Roulette fun. There have been quite a few times when we’ve heard about a popular and big online casino that banned an individual from the Roulette wheel for winning too much. Yes, that’s right, winning too much. We’re not talking about those using unethical practices and strategies to gain an unfair advantage in an online game, we’re referring to those who simply had a lucky winning streak before the casino shut them down. In many of these cases, the gamers actually received a full-blown (and extremely unfair) life-long casino ban. That’s why we don’t always trust the big and popular industry names when it comes to Roulette and encourage players to stick their feelers out first and get a few word-of-mouth recommendations before committing to a specific platform to get their Roulette fix.
  • Luck favours the French. No, seriously. Some research has proven that French Roulette tends to give an advantage to gamers. This advantage increases the chances of winning by 1.35% (every little bit helps, right?) on even money bets. But gamers can even gain a greater advantage with French Roulette. This advantage is due to the ‘En Prison’ or ‘La Partage’ rule. According to the ‘En Prison’ rule, a “hold” is placed on all even-money wagers every time zero is spun. According to the ‘La Partage’ rule, anyone who has a bet on black/red, even/odd, or 1-18/19-36 will not be affected when a zero is spun. But we are not the only ones who figured out that French Roulette reduces the house edge; the casinos are on to us. That’s why many have actually removed this particular rule from their French Roulette variant. Therefore, if someone manages to find an online Roulette site that has French Roulette as a variant including the ‘En Prison’ or ‘La Partage’ rule, they had better hold on tight and never let go.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of multi-table Roulette. Many think that this is the quickest way of clearing a bonus. This is true – in theory. In reality, this is also the quickest way to blow a bankroll. 
  • When it comes to Roulette sites a player needs one who’s in their corner in terms of responsible gambling practices. What many don’t realise is that Roulette at an on-location casino takes time. On average a Roulette wheel gives about 30 spins per hour. When playing online the bet times are set to go off every 15 seconds. That means that online Roulette will rush an individual through their budget at least four times faster than its real counterpart.

Since the casinos voted as best in Canada according to our best online casino Canada reviews are all sister sites, they have very similar Roulette variants. But we do recommend playing on Captain Cooks since the platform has just a little bit more variety with American Roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette Gold. Luxury casinos once again allow gamers to use their free signup bonus to play on their Roulette tables if a player wants to have a little added advantage. We also highly recommend playing on Golden Tiger since the platform boasts two of the most prominent software developer names within the industry; Microgaming and Evolution Gaming.

Best live casino

Many avid table game players enjoy this gameplay mode either because it gives them that real casino feeling or they simply don’t trust the random number generators on casino platforms. But whatever the reason, here’s what to look out for when choosing these casinos to play on:

  • It’s very important to read and compare the fine print and the T’s & C’s. Remember, these differ between casinos. Check the conversion caps, wagering requirements, and bonus contributions. All of these will ultimately make a difference whilst playing, but also impact winnings.
  • Double-check the library. Just because a platform claims to have real-time casino opportunities does not mean that it has a player’s favourite game. Although many prefer table games such as Blackjack and Poker, it is simply assumed that those are the ones gamers look out for. There are many alternative gamers who prefer 3 such as Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal. 
  • As we’ve already mentioned, it is usually the table game players in general who prefer playing in this mode at times. But these players include Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette players. Therefore, if a site caters only to the needs of one or the other of these players, many are going to be left dissatisfied.
  • Check the game providers. If Evolution Gaming is in the mix, it’s guaranteed to be a great experience. Evolution Gaming has built up a reputation within the industry as the who’s-who of live gaming.
  • Compare bonuses. Many have a wide variety of bonuses, but they’re rarely the same as their competitor platforms. Some welcome bonuses match the first deposit, but that can range from 25% to 400% Many have bonuses and promotions that are limited to a specific game. A lot of the time this game is a live casino game, so gamers need to keep their eyes open and ears on the casino floor in order not to miss the opportunity. If the platform has made a loyalty program available to their gamers, see what kind of special perks await those who are avid live casino gamers. Often gamblers are actually offered double the loyalty points if it’s on a live game. One would think that all no deposit bonuses are the same since they all start with a zero balance, right? Wrong! Not only does the actual bonus vary from bonus funds to free spins, but it also has different t’s and c’s and wagering requirements attached to the offer.
  • Decide how to digitally connect. One of the biggest benefits of playing in real-time is that it brings along the opportunity for gamers to connect and communicate as they would whilst sitting around the actual physical casino tables. But the way platforms make connections possible also differ and might not fit a player’s preference or comfort levels. Some casinos have a group chat available for all playing in the room. Whilst certain premium and VIP lounges actually offer gamers two-way camera settings which really drives the real casino feeling home.
  • Excellent customer service and support are crucial when it comes to online casinos, but that need is amplified when it comes to live play. Remember, these are played in real-time, issues arise and gamers want their questions answered and problems solved in real-time. Imagine having a game crash right before hitting the jackpot. There’s no way that anyone would want to wait for 48 – 72 hours before receiving a response from support. The same goes for customer support operating hours. Most don’t play during office hours whilst they’re at work, they play once they get home or late at night before going to bed. Imagine being faced with a technical error at 2 in the morning and then being told that customer support will be back online the next day. Or being told that the only way of reaching them would be e-mail which could take days to be addressed. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that avid gamers choose a platform that can help them 24/7 and via a variety of different communication channels.
  • There is one element that we have not yet addressed when it comes to live gameplay. And this is something that will not only impact the decision regarding which platform is the best, but it also begs the question whether a player should even attempt live gameplay. The one thing that is an absolute non-negotiable is a fast and reliable internet connection. If someone already knows that they don’t have the best bandwidth or service, it’s best not to even attempt starting to play in the first place.
  • Check the betting limits. Unfortunately, most of these casinos have some of the highest betting limits within the online casino industry. If an individual is comfortable with or only has the budget for $1 bets, chances are that they won’t be able to play live (or at least not responsibly).   

All of our top picks above are sister sites and therefore offer more or less the same when it comes to live gameplay. What we can’t stand though is the fact that ALL of them don’t have a dedicated live casino category and the games almost need to be picked out of a table games line-up within the Blackjack, Roulette etc.

Best casino bonus

What’s not to like about a bonus, right? And it’s almost expected from a casino these days. But what many (especially new players) don’t understand is that casino bonuses, free spins and promotions can be riddled with restrictions and limitations. Gamblers should always try to keep their emotions at bay and rationally evaluate a bonus. So, what does one need to look out for?

  • The amount (obviously). No-one is going to jump for joy at a bonus of $2.
  • How long the bonus remains valid. Getting a million free spins is great, but if you have only 24 hours in which to use them, what’s the point?
  • The withdrawal play-through restrictions. Remember how we keep hammering on about wagering requirements? Well, play-through is an aspect that gets lost in translation along with it. Many online casinos will restrict withdrawals by stating that they must wager a certain amount of times PLUS the bonus amount. This is something that many miss and it comes back to bite them in the end.
  • The deposit bonus percentage. Yes, a 100% deposit match is great, but a 200% deposit match is even better.

How often will this casino account actually be used? It might sound great to claim a bonus of $1000, but it has to be used within 24 hours and you’re only on the platform about once a month. Or if the bonus comes attached to a play-through rate and wagering requirement of x70, but a player just plays about once a month – they will never be able to withdraw any of their winnings. 

  • The minimum deposit. It might be all fair and well to invest $10 in order to get a $100 cash bonus or 100 free spins, but it’s definitely going to make anyone think twice if they have to invest $100 for a $10 cash bonus or 10 free spins.
  • Game restrictions. Some bonuses have restrictions which means that one can only use the bonus on very specific games. This is always a little dicey (no pun intended) since they have different pay-out rates and RTP’s and their wagering requirements also differ. A gamer should double-check all of these before simply grabbing that $300 cash bonus.
  • Is it true? This sounds like common sense, but cyberspace is packed with criminals who get smarter by the day and they leave a slew of victims in their wake, including online casino gamblers. And the unbelievable bonus is how they draw them. The old adage “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is” also applies here. As much as most dream about instantly winning a guaranteed mega jackpot of a billion by playing only $100, the odds of that actually being true is far beyond the realm of absolutely no way.
  • This is where those tedious legal disclaimers on the casino sites actually count in a player’s favour. Always check whether the casino is operated by an officially registered company and that it is licensed to provide online gaming and gambling services. Then also check whether it is regulated by a trusted party such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Don’t be misled down a scammer’s bonus rabbit hole, check whether the site is legit before claiming a bonus and playing on a platform.

Best bitcoin CaptainCaz Canada

Many Canadian online casinos accept and allow players to play with bitcoin (or cryptocurrency in general). Many even use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as part of their welcome bonus offer and other bonuses. Some prefer transacting in cryptocurrency since the platforms don’t tend to charge transaction fees. Transactions also take place almost instantaneously. So what do gamblers need to look out for when searching for a casino that allows and uses cryptocurrency?

  • Don’t choose the casino ONLY dealing in cryptocurrency. Casinos that don’t transact with any real money don’t need a gambling or gaming license and can easily go unregulated. That’s not the kind of casino that offers peace of mind when it comes to safety, security, and fair play.
  • Just because transacting with cryptocurrency is fairly new, doesn’t mean that the casino is. If a casino has been around for the past decade with no problems or complaints and then simply added cryptocurrency to their available payment methods, a player can be pretty sure of the trustworthiness and credibility of the casino platform.
  • Don’t just take our word for it. No, really. And when we say “our” we mean every reviewer out there. Don’t just read one review and base your decision solely on that one perspective. Read a few and see if any patterns are forming. If most reviewers and gamers are mentioning issues regarding cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals, the odds are pretty good that the one reviewer raving about how great it is is either a fluke or a liar.

Since bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a fairly new payment method and are still in the process of establishing their place within the banking and payment ranks, our top picks for casinos in Canada have unfortunately decided not to support bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for the time being. That’s not to say that it can’t change in the future. And since these are sister sites, they all follow the same policy when it comes to cryptocurrency.

For those who have managed to read our entire review of best casinos in Canada, they should have a fairly good idea of which casinos have been voted the best in the online casino biz (and not just by us), how to evaluate and find a great online casino as well as what constitutes a good slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Bitcoin casino and which bonuses to look out for. Gamers who read our casino reviews online and stick to our guidelines will find just how exciting, fun (and rewarding!) online gaming can be. And players can be sure to “bump” into us at one of our top pick casino game rooms soon. 

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