We Found the Best Casino Bonus of 2024!

Casino Canada bonuses can be a dime a dozen (no pun intended), but as soon as players start delving into the T’s & C’s and small print with its unrealistic wagering requirements, withdrawal limits, and game restrictions, a bonus can very quickly become a bust. So where can one really still find a casino bonus worth one’s while in 2024? Find out in our official best casino bonus review of 2024.

In order to decide on the best casino bonus for 2024, there are a few things to consider. Some simply care about the initial welcome bonus, others want to know about all the added extra bonuses such as free spins and games and others want to focus on the daily or weekly bonus deals a casino offers their players. For the purpose of this review, we are going to focus on the welcome bonus along with its added extras compared to the “cons” of wagering requirements and other restrictions.

Best casino bonus offers in 2024 based on our reviews

Casino Welcome Bonus Wagering Requirements
Frank Fred C$1000
+ 300 Free Spins
Betway C$1750 50x GET THE BONUS
PartyCasino C$500
+ 20 Free Spins
Dream Vegas C$7000
+ 120 Free Spins

We have been in the casino reviews business for quite a long time and there’s not much a casino can sneak past us. A casino won’t be able to punt a shiny piece of coal as gold to experts like us who really dig beneath the surface. Therefore, the bonuses mentioned above were rated as the best based on a holistic approach of the initial welcome bonus along with the added extras as well as in comparison to their individual wagering requirements.

Best bitcoin casino bonus offers

Although none of the above mentioned casinos are renowned as Bitcoin casinos, paying and playing with Bitcoins are becoming more and more popular. For those players who prefer to play and get paid in cryptocurrency, please refer to our page exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin casinos in Canada.

Which online casino bonus should you pick? An easy guide to choose the right online casino bonus based on the games of your choice. 

Casino bonuses have a nasty way of sometimes being restricted to only certain games, and it’s the ultimate bad luck if a player is an avid table games player, but the bonus only applies to those who prefer spinning the slots. But the secret to a good online casino bonus lies in the fact that players should constantly be on the look-out for a platform’s latest welcome offer and bonus deals. And once a player has managed to find a bonus that applies to their favourite game; how do they know that it’s the best deal to take? Here’s the low-down on how to pick the perfect bonus when it comes to slots, Blackjack and Roulette:

Online Slots

Check the wagering requirements

This should pretty much always be first on your bonus checklist regardless of the casino or game. It’s all fair and well to claim a generous bonus such as c$2000, but a player will have a really tough time seeing any winnings whatsoever if the wagering requirements are almost 300. Extremely high welcome bonus wagering requirements is one of the biggest reasons that online casino accounts end up being abandoned.

Free Spins

Many cash welcome bonuses include a bonus extra and in the case of slots it’s often free spins. We always remind players not to expect too much from these free spins; these spins are not going to give you a jackpot win. They might give you even more extra free spins or games or a few minor winnings, but all-in-all it will most definitely extend your game play and as avid online gamers with the ultimate gaming in mind, this is a definite win in our online casino books.

Is it applicable to the fave?

We all love a freebie and nothing is quite as tempting. But just like the unused pair of tap dance shoes that was bought on special, so are free spins if it’s restricted to a slot game that a player doesn’t know or enjoy playing. These kinds of slot game restrictions are quite common when it comes to bonus free spins, since the free spins attached to the initial cash welcome bonus is usually part of a marketing campaign to introduce players to a new slot game.

Time limits

So the bonus includes 5000 free spins. Sounds great, right? Not so much once a player actually reads the fine print where it states that these free spins need to be used within a ridiculous time frame such as 48 hours. We cannot stress enough how important it is for players to actually properly read through all the bonus T’s & C’s before they claim and start playing.

Online Blackjack

Compare bonuses

This might seem like common sense, but it’s surprising how many get enticed by the first great offer they find. Online casino welcome bonus shopping is very similar to shopping for a new pair of pants – you don’t just take the first one that fits and that’s on sale. You shop around for the best deal.

Read the small print

As mentioned before, many of these bonuses are riddled with small print; from extremely high wager requirements to withdrawal limits. A player needs to keep their wits about them and thoroughly read through all terms and conditions before getting caught up in the excitement, claiming a bonus and commiting to a specific platform.

Low wagering requirements is the name of the game

Wagering requirements is usually the killer of any bonus offer. Therefore, the lower the wagering requirements, the better the offer.


We have had so many cases of players who didn’t quite understand the technical terms and jargon used within the bonus terms and conditions, but still claimed the bonus. Most of these players ended up complaining about the casino and not because of any fault on the part of the casino. If one does not understand all the terms and conditions mentioned with the bonus, online casinos have support just a mail, call or live chat away to answer any/all player queries.

Manage the budget

Don’t get swept up in the moment. A great bonus has the power to nudge a player to spend more money than was initially budgeted for. Especially if it’s a multiple deposit bonus offer.  If a 1st deposit bonus is a nice added extra to the budget a player was already planning on spending, then it’s a great way to extend game play. But if a player starts being enticed by the 2nd, 3rd or 4th deposit bonus that requires extra deposits that was never budgeted for, it could start trudging those dangerous responsible gambling borders of fun game play vs. not having money to pay for the kids’ school fees.                                                                            

Online Roulette 

The welcome mat

As discussed with slots and Blackjack above, a welcome bonus can make all the difference when deciding on which platform to place a player’s Roulette bets. Also, as discussed previously a welcome bonus is usually evaluated as a good or bad deal once a player looks at it holistically. That means that they have read all the T’s & C’s, read all the small print, made proper note of the wagering requirements as well as any withdrawal limits.

What’s in an edge?

Well, that seems to be the question on many online casino sites where players are trying to work out their winning odds compared to the house. Bonuses are usually put in place to not only entice players to specific platforms, but also persuade them to play certain games (especially introduce them to new ones) and to steer players to play games where the odds are stacked in favour of the house. Sadly, when it comes to table games, Roulette is not known for its ”player-friendly” bonuses or special offers. In fact, Roulette often has the worst wagering requirements when it’s compared to table games such as Blackjack and Baccarat. But there’s one exception that we’ve found over and over again. Many (if not most)  online casinos are trying to attract players to their live online table games – especially Roulette. Therefore, the live Roulette games often have very generous bonuses up for grabs.

Watch out for the rollover

The rule of thumb is that the rollover requirements need to be as low as possible for a player to get the most benefit. This is also where budget management comes into play since many Roulette games offer lower rollover requirements if a player plays larger amounts of money. Keep the focus on the rollover facts and don’t get enticed by the marketing temptations.

Keeping it in the ”family”

It can be very surprising to find out exactly what all the perks entail when it comes to a loyalty or VIP program. Many of these special offers or promotions are not advertised on the casino site itself and are often communicated with members directly via e-mail or even via mobile phone. Many of these special VIP or loyalty program offers are in regards to Roulette. Therefore, we always recommend that players take VIP or loyalty programs into consideration when it comes to choosing Roulette bonuses. If an online casino platform has a very generous welcome bonus, but another platform has a welcome bonus as well as a VIP or loyalty program, it will be much more advantageous for a player in the long-run to play on the latter platform.

It’s all about those modern payment methods

It’s been many years since online casinos have been operating on traditional payment methods. EFT’s and other bank transfers should be expected in modern times, but technology is starting to catch up with the times. Things such as  Bitcoin and E-wallets are at the order of the day. Even by merely opting for an eWallet opportunity, a player might be benefiting from an unexpected bonus.

The no deposit bonus

We have spoken about this kind of bonus over and over again, but as with most things in life that seems too good to be true, we’re also stranded with googly eyed no deposit girls and guys.As already mentioned in regards to welcome bonuses; a player needs to be well aware of any requirement the online casino might impose on them. Often the restrictions in terms of a specific bonus-related wagering requirement or a strict withdrawal requirement can derail the entire gaming experience – no matter how good the initial bonus seemed.

They need to be legally licensed

This should be a complete no-brainer, but we have individuals who reach out to us on a daily basis who tell us all about how they were scammed. If someone has any concerns regarding the legitimacy of an online Roulette, they need to check when the site was created (this is mostly displayed at the bottom of a website). They then also need to ensure that the site (and obviously the Roulette game) is therefore properly licensed as well as regulated by well-known third parties within the online casino industry. These third parties are not just responsible for the platform’s legalities in the background, but they also ensure (and literally give their stamp of approval) to a site in order for players to know that an independent and objective third party has deemed the site’s software as well as its games sufficient and fair to play.

It’s all in the name

We already mentioned that online casinos often use special bonuses to attract players to certain live games (which includes Roulette live games). If the game is not something that you are interested in or have been playing for quite a while already, it doesn’t make any sense to spend real money on a game you won’t enjoy and have no interest in.

Claiming casino rewards bonus explained in 4 easy steps.

There is more than one way to shave a sheep – old online casino reviewer saying. The same goes for claiming casino bonus rewards. See, there are a few different types of bonuses that we can claim and all of them have their own natural components that makes it either easy or hard for us to claim them. The most common bonus is the welcome bonus, then we have the ever so sweet no-deposit bonus, and lastly the promotional bonus that is a part of the everyday gambling life. The last one includes free spins giveaways, weekly, monthly, yearly and seasonal bonuses and the occasional odd offer that comes for (usually) no reason.

When opting for a bonus, there are a few steps that we have to go through, almost regardless of which bonus we have in our sights.

The first thing to do is making sure players fulfil the demands for claiming the bonus. If anyone wants a welcome bonus, they need to register first. There’s no use in demanding a bonus if whoever wants it hasn’t even created an account yet. It’s like demanding food without a plate. The same goes when we want the offers we read about when we’re already members. All offers are supposed to look good, that’s kind of what they do. But they look a whole lot worse if we don’t meet the requirements.

The second thing is to fulfil those requirements. Most of the time, this means making a minimum deposit (usually between $10-$20), being a member for a certain amount of time or just having the right bonus code. Sometimes, players will come across the jackpots in the online casino bonus world, where the effort of getting a bonus is close to nothing. These are usually the no-deposit bonuses that don’t require a bonus code or puts up any other demands. If anyone finds these, cherish them. They are the best online casino bonuses in our opinion and players should feel free to tell us about them

The third step in this intense and demanding casino bonus process is to punch in whatever bonus code the casino demands players to use, or tick the box that says something like “I want the bonus”, or as we like to see it “I want the free stuff”. Sometimes players don’t need any bonus codes or ticking any boxes to get their casino bonus. It’s usually enough to make a small deposit. For no-deposit bonuses, there is always a code or a box that needs to be ticked, though.

The fourth, last and most crucial step for banking a casino bonus is where we make or break. After jumping through hoops of bureaucracy we have only this one part left. Bank the bonus and spend it. Play that bonus like there is no tomorrow and enjoy the fruits of the labour.

Enjoying a casino bonus usually doesn’t take as much time and energy as most would think it does. We’ve done a review or two regarding these things and can now safely say that if the bonus is there and everything is in order, there is usually no real reason to not take advantage of it. Just make sure to stay away from the blacklisted casinos with predatory T&C and poor customer service. They are like locust and should be treated as such.

Updated list of casino bonus codes 2024

As mentioned in the earlier section, some casinos demand that their players use bonus codes to use their bonuses. It works in the same way as any other promo code for any commercial site, just get to the site of the offer and punch in the bonus code to get your free stuff. Given that a registered account is in place, of course.

Casino Bonus code
Vegaz Casino 1st deposit: 100FIRST
2nd deposit: 50SECOND
3rd deposit: 100THIRD
King Billy Casino 2nd deposit: WELCOME2
3rd deposit: WELCOME3
4th deposit: WELCOME4
Grande Vegas Casino Welcome special: WELCOME
$25 free welcome special: TESTGV
$300 quickie boost: QUICKIE-BOOST
Slotastic Welcome bonus: WINTASTIC
117 free spins: BUBBLETASTIC
117 more free spins: BUBBLETASTIC2
50 daily free spins: SPINTASTIC
77% bonus + 77 spins: FUNTASTIC
100% extra + 33 spins: SLOTASTIC
100% mobile boost: GOTASTIC
75% jackpot bonus: JACKPOT
100% monthly top-up: MONTHLY100

Alright, so these codes might need some explaining. Vegaz Casino and King Billy Casino are quite self-explanatory as they are the run-of-the-mill deposit bonuses. They will fit any player quite well if they want the ordinary, well-rounded bonuses that we’ve come to expect from online casinos today. The rest comes with a fair bit of fine print. We are not going to go through any T&C right now, as it would be the most boring review in history, but we’ll give the essentials for the bonus codes.

The welcome special at Grande Vegas Casino is a deposit bonus where the casino will match 150% of whatever players deposit up to $300. The second bonus is like the King Billy and Vegaz bonuses: quite self-explanatory. The quickie boost is a monthly bonus that players can take advantage of if they want to keep that welcome bonus feeling for just a little bit longer. With that bonus code, they can get another $300 as a 150% match-up deposit bonus.

Just like Grande Vegas Casino, Slotastic offers a 150% match-up on the first deposit. We can’t find a maximum deposit limit, but we would encourage anyone to not venture deep into that lake and put all their savings into that bonus. Slotastic stays true to its name and will cater to any gamblers who like to spin the slots. With two separate free spin bonuses of 117 each, they’re sure to keep most online gamers busy for a good while. The rest of the bonuses feel fairly self-explanatory in their names, so we’re not going to explain those.

The only casino on the list that might give Slotastic a run for its money when it comes to the number of bonuses is Supernova Casino. Their bonus system targets both card games or slots and will affect the deposit bonus differently depending on which bonus code player’s use. The first welcome bonus gives 300% match-up for slots games and the second one gives 120% match-up on card games. The Game special and weekend promos give a match-up of 145%, 140% and 110% respectively on specific slot games. The monthly deals give a perceptual match-up corresponding to the number in the code. The ones with Almighty are for the slots, whilst the others are for the card games. All of these bonuses have different demands on how high the minimum deposit needs to be to obtain the bonus.

How to choose the best live casino bonus?

Live casino bonuses are often just as enticing as welcome bonuses since they also serve the purpose of persuading players to rather opt for the live version of their favourite games. These live games are often table games, but there are platforms that also offer live game versions of games such as Mega Bonus Wheel. But if most casinos offer players some sort of bonus incentive for playing their live games, how does one know which to choose? Well, here are a few things to consider:

Ensure that it’s the perfect platform to play on in the first place.

There are plenty of online casinos, but many can’t be trusted. Some of these casino sites are outright scam sites, where cyber thieves have set up a fake website in order to get a hold of a player’s personal and banking details. Then there are those casino sites that simply can’t be trusted. Either they have so many stringent terms and conditions that it’s almost impossible for players to make a withdrawal of their winnings or they are notorious for rigging their games, giving the house the edge. When it comes to online casino sites, players need to do their research first before being tempted by a suspiciously generous bonus and making that first deposit. The easiest way to do this is to read online reviews as well as ask fellow gamers in online gaming and gambling forums. This should give one an idea of the reputation the site has within the online casino community.

Read the small print.

Any promotional offer or bonus offer (whether at an online casino or the local retail store) always has certain terms and conditions attached. In the case of online casinos, these usually come in the form of time restrictions, game restrictions, withdrawal limits and extremely high wagering requirements. Players should not get caught up in the moment and ensure that they thoroughly read through the terms and conditions of the specific bonus they are interested in. Sometimes a bonus truly is too good to be true.

Read through even more small print.

Besides for the bonus or promotion specific terms and conditions, every casino site has their own site-specific terms and conditions. These rules and regulations can also impact a bonus offer.

Manage the budget.

Bonuses are great to persuade players to play on a specific platform. It’s also great at persuading players to play beyond their means. If a platform offers deposit bonuses for 4 deposits, but the initial budget only allowed for 1 deposit, don’t be tempted into making those other deposits. It doesn’t matter if a casino offers a 200% match of a deposit. If a player never wins more than they’ve spent, they’ve still lost. So don’t get lost in the excitement of the bonus offer or the thrill of a minor win – stick to the planned budget.

Check the paperwork.

Any trusted casino site should have a gambling license from a reputable online casino country. Many players warn to be wary of off-shore casinos, but we disagree. Most online casinos are licensed through countries such as Malta for various administration reasons and we’ve never experienced any issues with these sites. The important thing to us is whether they are licensed at all, whether they are regulated by well-known gambling authorities within the online gambling industry and whether there are independent third parties who audit the site and the games on a regular basis.

Live casino

But what is a live casino really?

When online casinos became more and more common, it became apparent that a crucial element was missing in the online gambling experience. Working the online slots and slot games and automated table games is fun for a while, but then the feeling of solitude starts creeping up, and not in a good way. The solution to this was to bring in a little bit of the brick-and-mortar casino feeling into the online casino world. This is done through live casinos.

A live casino is simply a live stream of whatever game players want to play. As of now, we’ve only come across one streaming service that offers live slots, otherwise it’s the table games and game shows that are making up the lion share of live casinos. The most popular table games are the classic casino games Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat. Each one of them comes with a friendly croupier or dealer that provides that human contact we’ve been missing in our online gambling experience.

What companies do is that they get a facility in some nice part of the world and set up the prop for entertaining people with various table games and game shows. Step two is adding a bunch of cameras that can cover the tables from various angles and step three is to start the streaming services and start entertaining the masses.

Live casino games are one of the best game types, in our opinion. We are always happy to indulge in the classics, and the live element makes it so much better than the non-personal stuff. It’s a subjective matter, though, so we encourage casino gamers to make up their own opinion and try some of them out.

What is a casino deposit bonus?

Casino bonuses come in two main forms: deposit and no-deposit bonuses. Even though a no-deposit bonus is nice and all, the most common online casino bonus we see on TV, in our phone and on the internet, is the deposit bonus. Even if it isn’t as nice as its sister bonus, it’s about as complicated as it sounds: make a deposit, get a bonus. These are the ones that we see with the typical “deposit $10 and get $100,000 to play with”. They are of course never that generous, but they sure try to make it sound like they are.

Bonuses are like teenagers in a sense – most of them want to be different from one another. They will vary in size, looks, demands and rewards, but we like them all the same. Or, we like some of them at least. The deposit bonuses will vary in how much of the deposits they will match as well as what they demand before anyone can make a withdrawal.

Deposit bonuses are a great middle ground for customers and casinos. Gamblers get to enjoy the online casino games a little bit longer with their extra money and the casino won’t go bankrupt for giving away free cash. As with all bonuses, these should be seen as a means of prolonging the gambling experience rather than a way to get rich quick. After all, we come to the online casinos to enjoy ourselves, not to rack up the winnings and quit our day job. Even though a jackpot or two would be more than welcome in our camps.

What are the different types of casino bonuses?

While we’re discussing different bonuses, we might as well continue with some of the most common ones out there in the wild online casino world. These also happen to be our favourite ones. What a coincidence.

Welcome bonus

Contrary to popular beliefs, this is not what will greet us when we come home from a long day of work and need a break, no. This is the type of bonus that will only greet the ones who register an account at one of the online casinos. Preferably one with a good reputation and a superb welcome bonus on offer.

These are usually deposit bonuses and will match the deposit with a certain percentage. They sometimes come with a nice side dish of something free, like spins on slots, tickets to bingo or table games, or a free bet.

Some welcome bonuses are completely free. The only thing demanded by casinos is for a player to sign up and (most often) check the box that says something like “free welcome bonus”. We quite like these ones, but they often come with not so favourable T&C and high wagering requirements. They’re still free, though, so we don’t really mind.

No deposit bonuses

What is better than putting in money and getting services or goods? NOT putting in money and receiving services or goods! Bonuses are the goods. Joy is the service.

The no deposit bonus can come as either a welcome bonus or a promotional offer. Mostly these bonuses are cash-less and come in the form of either offering players free spins on the slots, a free bingo ticket, a free betting chip or something along those lines. More or less anything they can offer for free that is not cash. There are exceptions to this rule, though.

Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses that are nothing but cash, like 888Casino. They offer $88 for anyone who signs up and follows the instructions they send in an email. A bit unorthodox, but for that amount of free money to play with, we’re ready to make that little extra effort.

No deposit bonuses usually have wagering requirements that are hard to reach. That is, again, because it’s a terrible business idea to just give away money. If customers find themselves at the end of the wagering requirement line, they better have lady luck on their side. We do recommend using these no deposit bonuses as means to try the games on the site and enjoy the free entertainment. Any winnings that follow these high-wager bonuses are just that: bonuses.

Sometimes casinos will be a bit cheeky and not demand a deposit to get a deposit, but demand one to be able to withdraw it. Info like this will be found in the T&C of the offer, so make sure to peep at those before getting too excited over a nice looking no deposit bonus. Don’t be too easily seduced.

Online casino free spins

“Free spins” is a concept that is more or less as well known as the casino bonus Canada itself. Some bonuses are nothing but free spins, some will use it as a key selling point and others barely even mention them in their offers.

Free spins are a great set of tools for all casinos that want to promote specific slot games and software providers. Most of the time, the free spins we receive will be tied to a specific slot game. Other times casinos will actively work against the competition of their main game supplier. For example, we know that it was a big thing to offer free spins on Starburst for online casinos in the UK a while back, and some casinos in Canada will give higher wagering requirements on slots from NetEnt. Regardless, the spins are free and if it’s viable on any fun games, we’re not the ones to turn it down.

Most of the time, free spins will come with high wagering requirements, just like any free bonus. Don’t let this be a source of discouragement, though. Online gaming is extra fun when it’s free.v

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