Can One Spin the Slots in Ones Favour? How to Win at Slots Online

During our various online casino reviews we have had the opportunity to play some of the best slots online. But surely a player can’t determine which slot machine will pay out the most winnings? And players certainly can’t use the same level of skill and strategy as they do with popular casino table games such as Poker and Blackjack. Or can they? In this review we’re going to delve into how to win at slots online and showcase the many tips and tricks up avid slot player’s sleeves.

How to play slots and win? 

This is the million dollar question (quite literally in the case of some jackpot slots). Slot games have been around for centuries and is a popular pick for many online gamers. But player’s fate isn’t entirely left in the hands of the gambling gods like many believe.

How to win at casino slots?

Slots are a definite online casino favourite and it’s no surprise when one starts taking a look at what slot selections have to offer. There are many varieties of slot games out there. Players can choose to play the classic 3-reel slots or opt for the more advanced 5-reel slots. There are also progressive slots, video slots, jackpot slots and even mega spin slots. And gone are the days when players simply waited for the 7’s to align. Slot games now have exciting and different themes such as the fan favourite, Cleopatra, with her pyramids and sphynx as well as popular movie themed slots such as Bridesmaids and Jurassic Park.

All of this is exactly what makes playing the slots a unique experience when compared to casino table games such as Poker and Blackjack. With literally thousands of variants on offer, players are spoilt for choice when it comes to those slot spins. But it is true that slots are automated games that run entirely on software and algorithms. So for all essential purposes slot games are not games of strategy. Although players don’t need a specific skill or strategy, they definitely need ample time if they ever want to win at slots. And there are a few other tips of the slot trade that we will delve into in more detail later that might just allow for lady luck to shine just that little bit brighter on each of those spins.

What is RTP and why should you know about it? 

RTP stands for Return To Player. The RTP of a slot game is calculated in the form of a percentage. So why is it important to scout out the RTP of a slot game? Well, the RTP is essentially the odds a player has at winning. It is the percentage of wins/pay-outs a player can expect from their bets. Therefore, the higher the RTP percentage, the better. For example, if the RTP is 93% a player can expect a game to pay out at least $93 if they play with a $100 over a long period of time. Although over 90% sounds promising, it’s important to remember that it’s still not 100% so the house still keeps its edge and most online casino games have a RTP of over 90% with slots averaging 93%.

Plus, to win at slots a player needs time, so the RTP is calculated based on long-term play. Either way, it’s a much better option for a player to take a spin on the slot machine that has an RTP of 98% than on the one with only 93%. Finding the RTP score of slot machines are generally just a Google search away. Just be careful not to confuse RTP with Variance. Variance is the frequency at which slot machines pay-out. A high variance rate simply means that the slot machine will pay out wins of larger amounts, but infrequently. A lower variance means that players can expect more frequent pay-outs, but these will come in the form of small amount winnings.

Understanding pay tables to win at slots online

A pay table essentially tells one how a slot game works. Most of these pay tables come in the form of a pop-up window on the screen after clicking on the ‘I’ icon next to the game these days. The pay table will tell one which symbols to look out for as well as which symbol combinations will afford players a win and how much. A pay table will also contain information regarding wild symbols as well as progressive jackpots. It’s important to note that a pay table doesn’t just hold information on the basic winning symbol combinations and wild symbols. It also contains information regarding certain combinations that will unlock bonus rounds, free spins and other exciting freebies or perks.

Since pay tables are all about symbols and reel combos, they are very visual and easy to understand, so don’t expect a multi-page rulebook or intricate charts and graphs. Understanding the basics of a slot game shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Many ignore the fundamentals since all slots spin on the basic concept that symbols need to align for a win, but in reality these combinations can be much more complicated than expected or presumed and if someone doesn’t truly understand the basics of a game, they will never be able to see/find the more advanced techniques that will shift the odds in their favour, even if it is ever so slightly. 

Essential casino slots tips and tricks every player should know

Whilst novices are still stuck on setting their bet and simply spinning those reels, the more advanced slot players have all sorts of tips and tricks essential to their slot game play.

How to cheat at slots and not get caught

Some table players can count cards and some sleight of hand magicians might even (literally) have an Ace up their sleeve, but even then not getting caught is quite a feat. But is it even possible to cheat at slots where the entire game is based on the automated software running it? Well, maybe cheat is a strong word and with various regulatory authorities ensuring fair game play as well as next level online casino security we’re definitely not going to advocate any actual cheating or illegal activities. But the topic is quite interesting, so we’re going to share a few of the ways sneaky slot players are raking in the winnings:

The inside job:

Although it’s true that slot machines are run by software with programmed code and algorithms, the simple fact is that that software is still developed and the code and algorithms are still written by a fellow homo sapien. Now, corporations can have employees sign all sorts of contracts, NDA’s and other legal documentation, but if a software engineer suddenly decides to go rogue and go after those riches themselves there’s not too much anyone can do about it (unless they get caught of course). Which most do. Even the most notorious of software engineer cheaters get caught and mostly because they start to get greedy and reckless by bagging bigger and bigger wins.

The ol’ bait-and-switch:

This is the reason why most casinos now make use of pre-loaded cards in order to play, but this tactic might still work in obscure little towns or sentimental casinos. No matter how developed technology becomes, there’s always a glitch somewhere and this tactic exploits one of them. If a shaved coin was inserted at the same time as an object of similar size and shape, the shaved coin would be rejected and returned by the machine, whilst the object would be accepted as payment and game play could begin.

Fake it ‘till you…win it?:

Some cheaters don’t feel like going through all the effort of shaving coins and finding objects. Some simply use fake coins. Now, these can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are those professional syndicates that actually manufacture fake coins that look and feel like any other coin we use on a daily basis. But then you also have those who use fake coins in the form of tokens and literal toy money. As long as the coin looks the same and weighs similar to a normal coin.

The laws of attraction:

This is a tactic that can’t be used at all on the automated slots of today or even on most of the old coin slots that can still be found in certain places. But it’s such an interesting method of cheating that we had to mention it. During the time that slot reels were still made of metal, cheaters used strong magnets to stop the reels for the perfect combo and big pay-out. This method wasn’t as easy to hide as some of the others, but certainly ensured a massive payday.

Playing coin yo-yo:

This is another classic slot cheat that prompted the use of pre-loaded cards. Players used to tie a string to a coin, make payment and as soon as the money triggered the game to start playing, they simply “yo-yoed” the money back into their pocket.

Mistaken identity:

This is a tactic that can still be applied to the modern slot machines. There is a device that can be purchased in the seedy underbelly of cyberspace that’s called a bill validator device. This device is placed around a bill in order for the machine to read and identify a $1 note as a $100 bill.

The most expensive maintenance ever:

This is another inside job example. It is not just developer geniuses that gets to work with the inner workings of gamer’s favourite slot games. It’s also those responsible for maintaining the machines. So another way of cheating the slots (and this is more for the Ocean 11-like pros) is to manipulate a bunch of slot machine computer chips, then infiltrate the organisation responsible for maintenance and supplying spare parts and then replacing the original computer chip with a reprogrammed one. But this is definitely not a one-man job. This needs to be an organised scam where some are responsible for the computer chips whilst others can play the slots right after the replacement across various locations in different areas to avoid suspicion when cashing out those large winnings.

Human error:

As we mentioned earlier, technology is prone to glitches no matter how well developed. This is an angle that is also exploited by cheaters. In certain cases by confusing a slot machine, it can actually trigger an error that pays out a jackpot. This needs the appropriate knowledge of slot machines and is certainly not a reason to run around casinos just randomly pressing as many buttons as possible in a desperate attempt of an error pay-out. That’s a sure way of ending up in jail and not a sure way of collecting winnings.

Reverse engineer it:

Anyone who has a bit of mathematical savvy combined with common sense will be able to work out more or less when a random number generator is nearing its payday. This might seem incredibly far-fetched, but these programs are developed to run (and pay-out) on certain cycles. By simply working backward from the latest win, one could work out (or at least more or less accurately speculate) when the next win would be around the corner based on the game play time that’s past since the last win as well as the specific symbol reel combinations that’s shown.

Record and win:

One does not have to actually play with real money for days on end in order to figure out more or less when the next big win is around the corner. Some have found ways to record certain slot machines for days on end (without spending a cent) and then simply use the footage to figure out the specific game’s winning cycles. One doesn’t even really have to leave the house in order to take advantage of this hack. 

Casino slots strategy checklist

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not possible to have a casino slot strategy in the same sense that one does with table games. There is no specific strategy in terms of winning money from slots. But one can adopt an overall strategy to find and play the best slots online. By picking the perfect slot and ensuring that one optimises one’s chances at winning real money, there are a few factors to consider:

  • What’s the big idea? We all love playing the slots, but our reasons for playing might differ. Whilst most will agree that winning is the ultimate goal, actually winning real money might not be. Many who play the slots simply enjoy playing the games and do not really care whether they ultimately take home actual cash when the winning bells chime. In these cases, gamers often revert to playing demo slot games or other free slot games on entertainment-focused sites.
  • What’s the budget? The average online casino gamer is not rolling in the dough and needs to be very mindful of their budget in order to adhere to responsible gambling practices. Many don’t have any budget at all and for those it might be a better idea to stick to the free slot games. Others actually try to play slots for free whilst still having the opportunity to win real money by taking advantage of a no-deposit bonus offer (but more on that a little later). If someone has some money to burn, but it’s still not enough to ensure endless game play it’s important to choose a slot machine that allows for a lower bet amount. It’s also important to always take special note of the wagering requirements. It is often the wagering requirements and withdrawal limits that can eat away at winnings or the pay-out time.
  • What to do with winnings? Those whose main goal is entertainment might simply want to invest their winnings into further game play. Others might want to split their winnings by using half to extend their game play and banking the other half. And there are also those who prefer to bank any winnings immediately and cash-out as soon as possible. Whatever a gamer wishes to do with their winnings, the casinos wagering requirements, withdrawal limits as well as withdrawal times will have an impact on that.
  • What online casino to choose? This is what can make all the difference when it comes to successful slot game play. Some casinos specialise in mostly slot machines (which will obviously be the better option compared to an online casino mostly catering to those playing table games). Online casinos also don’t all have the same pay-out rates. As we’ve already touched on, it’s a no-brainer to choose the casino promising a 97% pay-out rate vs. the one that boasts with a 93% pay-out rate. It’s also important to remember that online casino scam sites do exist, so check when the website was created. This usually appears at the bottom of the website’s homepage. Also remember that any wagering requirements or welcome bonus that sounds too good to be true probably is. Don’t let thieving scoundrels ruin your online slot game play.
  • How to choose a slot game? This is probably the second most important thing after choosing a casino. This is far more technical than deciding that playing Starburst is the most fun. Deciding to play on the machine allowing a lower bet, also means that there one shouldn’t be expecting big pay-outs. Also, as previously mentioned, gamers need to be aware of the particular machine’s RTP.
  • Why not to pick progressive slots? Any avid gamer understands the allure of progressive slots. They promise that one big win that will change a life. But chasing that illusive big win also means having to beat immense odds. And to be quite honest, it’s simply not worth it. When it comes to slots, it’s wise to follow the advice of Johnny Cash; “walk the line”. Playing on machines that take average bet amounts and promise average mid-range winnings is probably the best.

Online slots tips

Even though there might not be a specific game play strategy that will ultimately influence a win as is the case with table games, there are a few casino slots tips and tricks of the trade that will at least better the odds and establish whether a win means big money vs. small change:

Ponder the paylines:

The amount of paylines and the combination of payline symbols is what will ultimately establish what one wins. Therefore it will be silly to play on a machine that offers less winnings to begin with compared to another game.

Take advantage of bonus rounds:

This has nothing to do with welcome bonuses or other promotional offers. Bonus rounds are just standard freebies that come with certain games. Bonus rounds are not where a player should bet on hitting the jackpot, but rather as an opportunity to win free spins which will prolong game play and increase the chances of winning.

Take advantage of membership perks:

There are many casinos who offer VIP or loyalty program memberships. In some instances a user is automatically signed up upon account registration on the site. In other instances membership is via casino invite only or a different application/registration process. The benefit of becoming a member is that members are often rewarded with free spins, cashback, bonuses and other promotional offers that other users are not privy to. These are all opportunities to prolong game play and increase the odds for a potential win.

Take it easy:

Choose the simpler slots. The more complicated games have been developed by software developers aimed at making the most money out of gamers. Therefore, the simpler games are the ones most likely to pay out and to pay out bigger winnings more frequently.

Focus on your long game:

As previously mentioned, playing the slot machines is a time sensitive thing. One cannot plan a few spins during a lunch break and expect winnings worth writing home about. Therefor one of the biggest tips is that one should set aside almost a day (but keeping within ones budget of course) in order to take most advantage of the algorithms.

Scout for codes:

Online casinos often have bonus or promotion codes on their sites, but cyberspace is actually full of special offer codes just waiting to be claimed. A simple Google search will give anyone the added advantage of winning either with free spins or free bonus cash.

Time it:

We have already said that the odds are not in one’s favour when it comes to the progressive slots with the big jackpots. But there is technical information that’s made available to everyone that might give one the best opportunity to win that one big win. Certain progressive slots are programmed to pay out at specific intervals. This should give someone more or less an idea of when they should start placing their bets. This method is risky since the time one decides to place their bet is merely an assumption or estimate, but if it pans out someone will be sitting in the jackpot pound seats.

Stay up to date:

As with most things technology, the online casino world is an ever-evolving industry and in order to stay on top of new developments and the latest trends, one will have to make a point of looking out for breaking news, reading up on online casino innovations and hang around the online gamer forums in order to keep any edge or winning advantage.

Listen to inside info regarding jackpots:

There are a few games that are known for paying out big and fairly frequent progressive jackpots. Just be sure to find out exactly what those pay-outs and frequencies are before just randomly starting to spin. These games to look out for are; Mega Moolah, Gladiator, Fantastic Four, Hall of Gods, Deal or No Deal, Major Millions, Beach Life, Mega Fortune and Treasure Nile.

Don’t choose a slot machine based on demo game play:

Demo game play is there so one can decide whether a game would be fun to play or not and try it out in order to grasp how the game works. Demo game play is not there in order to make strategy calls or even attempt to work out winning frequencies etc. Most avid gamers will be able to say that the demo games give a very unrealistic impression of what games are actually like when playing with and for real money.

Can you play slots for free?

Playing slots for free might sound too good to be true, but there are ways. And we’re not talking about those who simply play the demo versions for entertainment sake on 100% free slot sites or online casinos that host trial versions. We’re talking about those who have found the ultimate online casino loophole; a no deposit welcome bonus. That means that by simply signing up, and without having to put any money down, a gamer automatically receives free spins or bonus cash to game with. Once again, the same golden online casino rule applies; one cannot expect massive jackpot wins with free spins or bonus cash, but it certainly affords one the opportunity to prolong game play and increase the odds of a win. But the simple fact is that there is such a thing as free casino slots. 

Are there mobile slots in Canada?

Absolutely! Many people think that one can only enjoy one’s favourite online casino games via a mobile slots Canada app. But in actuality, there are few casinos that actually have a mobile app. Technology has evolved in such a way that there are much easier ways to make mobile game play possible without having to spend thousands on developing a mobile app. Today websites can be created to be 100% mobile compatible which means that anyone can continue playing even on-the-go on any mobile device; from tablet to mobile phone. These mobile compatible websites can usually also function perfectly whether iOS or Android. Just take note that certain sites might have a restricted number of games available on their mobile game play mode. The onus is on oneself to ensure that a specific casino offers gamers a fan favourite in their pocket.

There may not be certain strategies to secure slot machine winnings, but there are ways to prolong game play and entertainment fun, and if one is really after the real money, there are ways and certain tips and tricks of the trade to at least tip (no pun intended) the slot scales in ones favour. Simply by reading and adhering to the advice we’ve given in this review gamers will already have a much better understanding of how to win at slots online.  

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