They Say Nothing in Life is Free… Except for These No Deposit Casino Bonuses.

We want players to win and we want them to win big. Preferably with little to none of their own money being lost in the process. But how is that possible? With a good no deposit casino bonus of course. Word of these elusive offers usually spread like wildfire throughout the online gambling community. But which are the best casino bonus offers and which online casinos can be trusted? It is time to let the cat out of the bag on this one and reveal to players the casino’s giving players a little extra help with a winning hand…

What does free bonus no deposit mean? 

It is hard to associate the word free with the word deposit, but believe it or not, in the online gaming world, the two often go hand in hand. Most bonuses in the online casino world are normal deposit bonuses, meaning a player gets out the exact amount they put in or they put in money first and then get the bonus offer. But what most gamers are looking out for is the Canadian Online Casino no deposit bonus that’s made available on certain websites from time to time. These can’t be found very often, but they are often used when it comes to new online casinos or new games that are trying to raise some interest around them. 

Playing in an online casino with a free bonus without a deposit means that a player doesn’t need to put money into their account first in order to get the bonus. No risk and all reward. Instead of playing the games and slots on their site in a demo free mode, casinos offering a free bonus no deposit also gives new users the chance to essentially try out the game of their choice (or the new game they’re trying to gather interest for) first before putting down any real money. We understand that as a new user there may be some hesitation and plenty of online casinos understand this too, which is why these bonuses are great for elevating any first-time jitters. 

There are so many Canadian online casinos available, so how does a site attract users? With bonuses and promotions of course. And in the casino world, there is no better promotion than a Canadian online casino no deposit bonus. Casinos offer these bonuses to players in order to lure them to their site and to keep them there ‘till they (inevitably) start depositing money into their casino account at a later stage once their bonus has run out. It is a great strategy for sites since it doesn’t just attract customers but also keeps them playing on the platform. 

Often a casino rewards no deposit bonus comes in the form of cash rewards no deposit bonus, free chips for table games, free play times (uncommon but still an option), specific mobile bonuses, or free spins for gamers to use on the slots. On some, they even combine a few of the reward types into one offer so that gamblers can get the full casino experience and try out all aspects of the site. On most websites no deposit bonuses for slots are most common, followed by Roulette and Blackjack.  A free casino bonus can either be automatically applied by the site or needs to be activated by a user using a bonus code. 

The good news for playing games on the go is that the majority of online casinos are now 100% mobile compatible with all mobile devices, which means that their bonuses are too. A no deposit bonus mobile casino offer allows gamblers to still get the full benefit regardless of whether they are using a desktop or mobile device to access the website. Some casinos even offer higher no deposit bonuses if a user registers for an account using a mobile device as they are trying to encourage users to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether on a train, in the office, or doctor’s waiting room.

The complete 2024 guide to no deposit bonus codes Canada and how to claim them 

So, what exactly is a no deposit bonus code Canada and how does it work? A no deposit bonus code is a code, specific to a bonus or promotion that needs to be entered in order to unlock the benefits of the bonus or promotion on offer. They are essentially keys to free stuff making a great gaming experience even better. Carefully read and review the rules that apply to the bonus though since this can add some restrictions or limitations to the promotion. The T’s & C’s is where a player can find out about wagering requirements, whether the promotion is valid in Canada, the withdrawal methods available, withdrawal limits on earnings, expiry times and even to find out about what specific bonus keys are available (although most will have these plastered all over their lobby). 

If a gambler has checked all of the rules and they still think that the promotion on offer is the best no deposit bonus out there – then what? The majority of sites will require users to create an account first before they can claim their no deposit or no deposit bonus codes, but in some cases, a user may be able to gain access to them, no registration needed. During the account registration and verification process players will be given a bonus code and prompted to enter it at a specific time and in a specific place during the process or after the process is complete. With some other casinos, a gamer simply needs to click the bonus code button or click the link of the promotion they like the look of in order to be taken to the registration page where the code is already automatically applied. In fact, the best deposit codes out there are the ones that are automatically applied during play. That way users do not miss out on any chance to spin and win – for free – or bet and win, depending on a gambler’s play type of choice. To recap and review; the specific bonus key can either be entered during the registration process, in the ‘cashier’ section where users usually deposit money or, if a player missed these two options, they can be entered in a live chat support function when chatting to a member of the customer service team. Once the code has been activated, players just need to open up one of the eligible games, and away they go! 

Once the bonus is applied and a player starts playing, they are well on their way to meet those pesky wagering requirements and earn some proceeds, granted they are skilled (or lucky) enough to win. Occasionally, extra codes are even offered to gamers via email or to the most loyal customers. This means that long-time gamers have something to look forward to in order to encourage them to keep playing or spinning, and they therefore have some kind of reward for their time (and money) spent at the specific online casino. In order to ensure that every customer is only using the code once, codes are either unique or updated daily/weekly/monthly. Any user found trying to cheat the system will have their earnings forfeited and they will be removed from the site. With no deposit bonus offers that are offered throughout a player’s casino gaming experience, the classic ‘you win some, you lose some’ is reversed to – ‘you lose some, you win some’.

The specific bonus codes the casino offers often depend on the focus of that certain casino. Therefore gamers can receive no deposit free spins bonus codes for the slots, no deposit poker bonus codes for table games, no deposit Bingo bonus codes, no deposit live casino bonus codes, etc. Each code will only be applicable to that certain game type, or even to specific games within that game type. These exciting bonus codes will usually be advertised first in the casino lobby so that they catch a gambler’s eye, but if a gamer is lazy and looking for the shortcut to the best bonus codes, all they need to do is Google and sites with lists of all current promo codes on offer will pop up for use (much like our very own site). Think of it as a gambler’s little cheat sheet, so that gamers can get the most out of gaming sites, for the least amount of their own cash. 

Below is a general step by step guide to claiming a no deposit bonus code: 

Step Instruction
1 Find a no deposit bonus on our list of best online casino no deposit bonuses
2 Click Claim Now and get redirected to the site
3 Read and review the terms and conditions
4 Follow the steps to creating an account
5 Receive a sign up no deposit bonus code
6 Enter the bonus code or wait for it to be automatically applied
7 Play using your bonus on the specified games
8 Meet the wagering requirement in the specific time frame
9 Cash out and withdraw your winnings

How to choose the best no deposit bonus 

We know that at just the sight of a free bonus, gamblers can get too excited and lose their ability to think straight. But, it is important that they keep their wits about them in order to profit fully from what is on offer. Before we even begin to talk about no deposit bonus codes Canada, it is important that we mention the terms that apply to them. Any user wanting to have the full benefit of the no deposit bonus on offer needs to read and review these carefully. Firstly, certain bonus codes aren’t valid in some countries, so before a user wastes their time getting excited it’s a good idea to check that first. Secondly, check the wagering requirement and bonus expiry time. Some have set such high wagering requirements in such a short timeframe that it is almost impossible to meet them. Thirdly, check which games the no deposit promo codes can be used on. Some casinos limit this to a select few with strict cash-out limits. 

The best no deposit bonuses should be available in Canada, have wagering requirements lower than x50, have a long expiry time, have a high or no cash-out limit and be available on all a gamer’s favourite games. That being said, a gamer should make sure they choose a casino that focuses on their favourite gaming type, as the bonus on each site is likely to focus on that too. Of course, the actual value of the bonus is important too. New users want the highest value bonus amount – whether it be in cashback or free spins. Just keep the old saying in mind; if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the best no deposit bonus is the reputation and ratings of the casino itself. There is no point choosing an amazing bonus if the casino turns out not to be 100% safe (with a license from a reputable gambling authority), not to have fair games, or to have impossibly long withdrawal waiting times (or in a worst-case scenario, to not even honour their pay-outs at all). Even though customers aren’t putting in any cash for these bonuses, they are still entering their private information and the last thing they will want is to be scammed… so watch out!

Canadian online casino no deposit bonus 

Some of the Canadian online casinos or sites which are playable from Canada will have no deposit bonuses that are available to their players. Just remember to read and review the terms and conditions that apply carefully to ensure that the promotion is available in Canada before signing up to the site or trying to play any games. These no deposit bonus sites may be few and far between but they are out there if a user knows the right places to look, or in our case, the right Canadian Casino review site. The majority of these no deposit bonus casino sites will be new and trying to raise awareness for what they are bringing to the table so whilst the offer may seem enticing it is important that Canadians check the licensing and regulatory authority or gambling commission of the site first. Regulating bodies are there to ensure that any data entered, be it personal or payment, is safe from any unauthorized third-party users and that pay-outs will be honoured fully and timeously. 

Each of the bonuses available, their claiming method, their wagering requirements, or maximum withdrawal limits, are specific to the chosen casino. For Canadian gamblers accessing a no deposit bonus on these sites can be as easy as one, two, three; be of legal gambling age, sign up for an account and claim and activate the no deposit bonus code. Players can then play using the free spins or cash on any eligible games.

Like with the online casino sites of other countries, no deposit bonuses on Canadian sites come in the form of monetary amounts, free spins, free chips, or free playtimes. We make it easy to find these casinos by providing our readers with a list of the best free bonus offers in Canada. If players go to these no deposit bonus casino sites we mention, these offers are usually extremely easy to find as they are often the first thing a user sees when accessing the site or they are listed neatly under the ‘Promotions’ tab. Is it worth it for Canadians to seek out these no deposit promotions? Definitely! Which Canadian gambler wouldn’t want real cash, spins, or games for free? 

The best free casino bonus offers in Canada in 2024 

We have already described the magic formula for choosing the best no deposit offer but, how can first-time users be expected to know how to find all the best no deposit bonus casinos? This is where we step in and take the wheel. To uncover the best no deposit bonus takes a lot of time and effort because it requires the trawling of all the Canadian casinos out there – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Rules for bonuses and games need to be read, research into the website’s security and reputation needs to be done and comparisons need to be made to all the other offers out there. Nobody, except us, has the time, resources, patience, and passion to sit and do this. Often to discover the best no deposit bonuses, risks need to be taken – risks which we are willing to bet gamers looking for risk-free no deposit bonuses won’t be willing to take. This is why we went out, did all the dirty work and scoured the internet for all the offers. To make life easy we have compiled a great list of all the best ones out there so that newbies can quickly find the cheapest way around the gaming galaxy.

Casino name No deposit bonus Site benefits Button
50 free spins
  • Great customer support
  • Amazing games library
  • Easy to use
25 free spins
  • Easy to use
  • Other good bonuses on off
20 free spins
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer service
10 free spins
  • Great reputation
  • Live casino
  • The best customer service
20 free spins
  • The best reputation
  • 100% mobile compatible
  • Great customer support
20 free spins
  • A huge games library
  • Amazing jackpots
  • Huge variety of payment methods
  • Live Casino
22 free spins
  • The best reputation
  • A Mobile Application

Can you cash in the winnings from the free casino bonus for real money? 

Technically a player is cashing in the winnings from a free casino bonus for real money when using their bonus cash, free games, or free spins. But if a player is thinking of simply claiming the bonus and immediately withdrawing the “free” bonus cash without playing, they will need to think again. Any free casino bonus, whether bonus cash, free spins, free chips, or free games, and any free casino bonus winnings are subject to certain terms and conditions which include very strict wagering requirements and withdrawal limits.

First, in order to withdraw any gains from a bonus, the money needs to meet ALL the wagering requirements before the bonus expires as specified in the terms and conditions.  Wagering requirements refer to the number of times that the money that’s bet needs to be played through on the casino games or slots before it can be withdrawn. Certain gaming types contribute different amounts to these wagering and play-through requirements, so before attempting to make a withdrawal, a customer must ensure that they were playing the right games and have bet enough to meet the play-through requirements. If the play-through wagering requirements are not both the bonus and earnings are forfeited. 

Once the play-through requirements have been met a request to withdraw the gains can be made. Depending on the site, this processing can take up to seven days and casinos can reject the request for a number of different reasons. If the request is accepted, the money will be paid out and will usually reflect in a user’s bank 1 – 3 days after that. And that’s how a gamer ultimately cashes in their earnings from the casino free bonus. Sounds easy right? But as mentioned before, even withdrawals have strings attached. Most often than not, websites will have very low maximum withdrawal limits for free winnings. This means that any earnings made above and beyond that winning threshold cannot be claimed and will in fact be forfeited. 

So a customer can withdraw a limited amount of their winnings, but what about the money that was gifted to them in the first place? If it was stipulated in the promotion’s rules that the monetary bonus was cashable, then this free cash can also be withdrawn along with the earnings made from it once the wagering requirements have been met. If it was non-cashable then the amount will be deducted from any bet earnings.

Is welcome bonus different from a free bonus with no deposit? 

A casino welcome bonus is offered to new users when they initially create their accounts. Whilst a welcome bonus promotion can be in the form of a free no deposit bonus, more often than not they are in the form of deposit match bonuses. This means that a user not only needs to sign up and create an account, but they also need to make their first deposit into their account using one of the given payment methods. Only after that can they gain access to any sort of welcome match promotion, the match amount of the deposit money, or any other welcome freebies such as exciting extra free spins, games, or tickets.

Do casinos also offer free spins with no deposit?

Absolutely. In fact, most of the best no deposit bonuses come as online casino free spins, usable only on a website’s slot machines selection or a specific slot game. This is mostly because slots are the most popular gaming type to play on online casinos. Luckily this also means that the slots gaming library on an online casino usually offers a vast quantity and quality of slots that players can choose to spend their free spins on. Just ensure that the slot machine chosen is one that the free spins are valid on, otherwise all earnings will be forfeited.

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