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In our review today, we help find some of the best slots online. And not only that, but we investigate which sites give access to the best free slots machines. It’s time for players to exercise those clicking fingers, stay hydrated and practice their best winning expressions in the mirror. It’s the most fun way to spend a few hours online since social media got invented. We detail how players can play the best slots online for free in your pj’s and possibly take home that chiming “win”…

How to find free slots online? 

Any player that is not gambling with actual money, (whether mainstream currency or crypto), can do a quick Google search to find the best free slots online. All that’s needed is a comfortable place to sit (even the bath will do), a good internet connection, and lots of enthusiasm when it comes to spinning those slot reels. 

As we’ve already mentioned, free slots are easily found using any search engine, but there are also specific websites solely dedicated and geared to help find fan favorites such as popular Vegas video games and classic symbols slot machines (such as which can be found on Wild Classic Slots). These are extremely detailed and are sorted by most popular, release date, newly added, or alphabetical order.

For those who enjoy gaming on-the-go, some online casinos have apps that can be downloaded to their devices. These apps can be found by searching the various Android and iOS app stores. Just ensure that it is one of the casinos which either have the bonuses we will discuss later or have demo gameplay available. 

For those seeking the freedom of the great outdoors but would like to play free slots games without having to download an app or software offering free slots, we have good news. Although there are many online casinos that do not have a downloadable app, most are still able to give free slots no download gameplay via their websites. By making their platforms 100% mobile compatible players are able to still play their favorite slots on any/all devices. So scroll through some of the free slots sites we’ll mention today, drool over some free spin and bonus offers, and make those dreams come true with the “winnings” or real cash winnings that will soon come rolling in.

Where to play slots for free in Canada?

That really depends on your interpretation of free slots. In theory, players are able to play slots for free on a wide variety of real money casino sites by taking advantage of a no deposit or welcome bonus. Many give either funds or free spins for merely signing up and registering an account on the site. Although these funds and free spins usually come with t’s & c’s and quite steep wagering requirements, this still allows players to basically play slots for free and to win actual cash. These real casino free slots Canada sites include 888 Casino, Jackpot City Casino, King Johnnie Casino, Black Diamond Casino, 21Casino, and Casino Moons.

Alternatively, players who simply want to test out certain slot machines before gaming with actual money can try demo gameplay. This is also offered by a variety of online casinos. Some of these include Energy Casino, Caesars Casino, Spin Casino, Queen Vegas, JackpotCity, and Royal Panda.

But if a gamer just really enjoys the slots and just wants to play for fun without the risk of losing any actual money or having any expectations of a big jackpot win, there are sites that actually offer just free slot machine gameplay for the purpose of entertainment. Some of these sites include Casino Lada and Slotathon

Most of these options provide a vast range of slots. As previously stated many of the bonuses come along with t’s and c’s which often includes bonus funds or free spins that can only be used on certain slots. Luckily, these are slot fan favorites such as Book of Dead, Jurassic World, and Divine Fortune. When it comes to free demo play, the free slots offered are limitless when it comes to the most popular online slots such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Mega Moolah.   

Are there risks in playing free slots games? 

Well, not in the usual online gambling sense that involves the adrenaline rush of a high-stakes bet. The risks involved with free slots seem to come in a few wolves in sheep’s clothing ways. Firstly, free slots or demo versions might actually entice players to start playing the real deal with their hard-earned cash. Whether all the free slot gameplay simply desensitizes gamers and allows them to disassociate to a point where they are almost lulled into a false sense of security is debatable, but the one thing that has been discussed endlessly within the gambling community is demo games and their algorithms. There are many claims out there that there is a big discrepancy between the pay-out rates of the real vs. their demo gameplay counterparts. Many believe that this was done purposefully to create the illusion that a player is almost guaranteed a win if they play with real money. 

Responsible gambling doesn’t just relate to one’s behavior and attitude towards online gaming after they’ve been at it for a while, it also includes a player’s attitude, perception, and expectations towards starting to play in the first place. So, in many ways, the free and demo slots could mask the reality of online slots like tomato sauce hides the risk of that three-day-old tuna casserole that suddenly moves when the fridge light comes on. Free slot gamers must be wary of the flashing visuals, catchy tunes, and Cleopatra’s sultry look and shouldn’t allow the game to play the player. 

Gamers should also be very careful of very generous no deposit or other bonuses. Many times they don’t thoroughly read through the t’s & c’s of the bonus and simply register an account to claim their bonus funds and free spins in order to start playing. But shortly after they will realize that the wagering requirements are so steep that it is almost inevitable that they will have to start using their own money in order to ever withdraw any of their winnings. In certain cases, they might also be required to deposit a minimum amount of their real money first before they can claim their free cash bonus or free spins. The t’s & c’s might also restrict funds and free spins to a specific slot that doesn’t have such a good pay-out or conversion rate. The old adage applies – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Then we come to the sites offering only free or demo slots. There is a saying within the marketing industry that states “if you’re not paying for a product or a service, you are the product or the service”. Many of these sites sell the information gamers had to enter in order to register an account to companies as a potential client or lead (no matter how many times they may promise that they don’t). In other instances, some of these free online game sites are scam sites. That’s also why it’s important to check which software developers and games are present on the site. If it’s not very prominent names within the gaming industry chances are that something might not entirely be on the up and up. Scammers like setting up fake online casino sites since gamers won’t question why they have to enter their banking or credit card details. This is also where it’s important for gamers to remember that if they are registering to play on a free or demo slot site there would not be any reason why it would be necessary for them to enter any payment method details since they will not have to use any real money. And since they can’t win any real money any withdrawal methods will not be necessary either.  

As with most things in life, there are always some risks involved and it’s up to a gamer to navigate and manage these. 

Free Slots no download 

As previously mentioned, most online casinos do not have downloadable apps. And although there are a few out there that require their players to download certain software in order to get the full casino experience this is not common practice. For most having any downloadable app or software is completely unnecessary since these platforms are usually 100% mobile compatible. This means that the site will look and function perfectly on any/all devices (whether iOS or Android). This is fantastic for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, it saves on the storage space on your mobile device. Games with a lot of visuals and graphics (like typical casino games) require a lot of memory. This not only takes up unnecessary space on your device but can also cause the processor to run slower which will impact the functionality of their device in general. If a player is an avid gamer, they are more than likely to already have an app or an account with at least one other online casino. Imagine having to have yet another app merely for free slots? It seems a little overkill and, once again, storage is a precious commodity when it comes to mobile devices. 

Secondly, gaming online via a mobile browser is safer than via an app. Hopefully, a player is tech-savvy enough to know only to connect to safe Wi-Fi connections, far away from prying cyber eyes. And by accessing their account via the mobile site they will need to log in with their username and password. This is much safer than someone (especially a teenage son or daughter) being able to access the slots with the mere click of an app icon – especially if it’s to a real money site where a gamer took advantage of a bonus in order to play free slots.

Thirdly, mobile-friendly platforms, in general, offer the freedom to play at a player’s convenience. Tired of waiting for the bus? Standing in a long line at the check-out queue at the grocery store while Mindy the cashier calls for a price check on a dodgy-looking cucumber? Then take a free spin on the slot machines. Modern technology and most platforms ’ no download policy make gaming on-the-go both simple and safe. 

How to pick the right free slots machines? 

Ready to play? Excited to claim that Vegas bonus offer? Then the only question left is how one picks the perfect free slot game?   

Players need to remember that when it comes to playing completely free or demo slots they are not playing with real money and will not be able to win real money either. Therefore they won’t be able to pick their preferred slot based on which machine gives the biggest winnings or jackpot. And gaming for fun comes with a whole new set of criteria for picking the perfect slot. 

When playing for fun, one doesn’t have to look at technical things like pay-out and conversion rates or which slot offers the biggest wins only to have to suck it up and play a slot that’s not really enjoyable simply because it has the best odds. When gaming for fun a gamer can choose a slot based on a theme, specific features, or a particular type of game they really enjoy. If a player particularly enjoys Lucky Leprechaun they can play to their heart’s content without having to weigh up the odds of win or a loss. Others might prefer old-school classic slots with reels of familiar symbols whizzing past. And remember what we said; for some of the best classic slots, one doesn’t need to look any further than Wild Classic Slots. Others prefer 3D or video slots. Gamers can also pick a specific theme they enjoy most. Many slots have general themes such as western or hone in on popular movies or TV shows such as Bridesmaids and Jurassic World. 

When gamers play for fun they also have the freedom of playing slots with their preferred structure and layout without giving it a second technical or algorithm thought. A gamer has the option of choosing between 3 reel, 5 reel, and payline variety slots. 

Whether free play or not, no gamer wants to get stuck with a glitchy game or one with low-quality visuals and graphics. That’s why it’s also important to consider the game providers when it comes to picking the perfect slot. If the games are by prominent software developers within the online gaming industry such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, or IGT a player can rest assured that they will experience high-quality gameplay.   

In certain cases, the budget will still be a deciding factor. If a player has taken advantage of a bonus offer in order to get their hands on some free spins or funds they will have to decide how much of their own real money they are willing to put in in order to claim these bonus offers. Some bonus or free spins offers require a minimum deposit and although it might not be much, it’s still real cash. Other t’s and c’s state a certain number of required play-throughs or pretty high wagering requirements before a player will be able to make a withdrawal. These will often force a player to start using actual cash even if they initially took advantage of a no deposit bonus. 

If a player has opted for a bonus requiring a minimum investment, they must ensure that the funds or free spins don’t restrict them to a specific slot and they should choose a game that promises even more bonus funds, free spins, and free games during the gameplay. 

Free casino slots 

As previously mentioned, each gaming site has a choice of 3-reel, 5-reel, or payline slots with a tantalizing number of slot machine themes and features with styles ranging from classic slots to 3D and video slots. No download necessary or additional software installation needed. The free slots available to a player will depend on the various factors we’ve mentioned before; completely free slot gameplay, demo slot gameplay on real money casinos, or taking advantage of a bonus offer on a real money site. 

When it comes to free slots in Canada there are a few specific slots that stand out in regards to a player’s intention. 

For pure free and fun gameplay the following games have been voted as the best by Canadians:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Book of Dead
  • Starburst
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Game of Thrones

If a player doesn’t mind a minimum investment in order to claim a generous amount of bonus funds or free spins, but would also like to have increased odds of winning even more free spins or bonuses, the following are the best slot games to opt for in Canada:

  • Buffalo Blitz
  • Vikings go Berserk
  • Book of Oz
  • Jurassic Park
  • Tomb Raider

How to win at online slots? 

Many avid online slot players will tell you that they believe in certain strategies to increase the chances of a win. There’s a myriad of strategies out there in the online gambling community and often gamers will disagree on a few of them, but there is a general consensus on a few of these:

  •  If a player wants to get as much free gameplay as they possible can their first go-to must always be no deposit bonuses. Not only will this give a player the opportunity to play slots for free, but also win actual cash.
  • Play games from the most prominent and reputable game providers within the industry. Quality over quantity is very much the name of the game in the online casino world.
  • Do proper RTP research. It’s just a simple fact that not all games are made equal when it comes to conversions, pay-out rates, etc. Check which game is most likely to give a player a higher percentage return on their wagers – especially if a player had to pay a minimum amount to register or claim a bonus.
  • As is key and good relationship advice, don’t just settle for the first free slots site or opportunity that winks your way. Do the homework and make comparisons. We’ve mentioned quite a lot of sites for free slots gameplay, but don’t just click and play on the first name mentioned. Check which has the best wagering requirements, which gives the most free spins or the best bonus for the least investment, and double-check any withdrawal limits.
  • As with most things in life practice makes perfect. So before entering the real money slots arena or join in slot strategy debates within the gaming community, test out theories or specific games with a demo and completely free gameplay first.  
  • Don’t fall for the max bet myth. There is a myth within the online gaming community that the game algorithms have been set to particularly favor max bet players. But this is not true at all and has gotten many players into a financial pickle. The truth is that a player has the same odds of winning whether they place a minimum or a maximum bet. The focus should always be on remaining within budget. If a player really just planned on playing for fun, don’t be enticed to start using real money due to some unfounded belief that big winnings are waiting just around the first deposit bend. And if a player was planning on only spending $10 in order to start their essentially free slot gameplay, don’t be tempted in splurging on an extra $50 sometime during gameplay.   

Are there free mobile slots options to play on the go? 

As we’ve already dug into a bit, most online casino sites make on-the-go gameplay possible by offering either downloadable apps or software or simply offering a compatible website that looks, feels, and functions perfectly on any/all mobile devices.  As long as players have a strong WIFI connection playing on the go is easy. 

Caesars Games and House of Fun are good examples of free slot mobile sites that will allow gamers to play for free without downloading any additional apps or software in order to see that winning symbols combo reels flash on your screen. The jackpots are the same, the features are the same and the site is optimized to give the same gaming experience as it does on a normal computer. Payouts or withdrawals can be done just as quickly, allowing players to not only play on the go but collect all those winnings (if a player prefers going the real money route) on the go too. Modern times have simplified mobile slot gameplay; no apps, no downloads. Just spin and win. All the time. Everyday. Wherever a player may find themselves.

As can be seen from our free slots Canada review, the definition of free slots varies, but whatever a player’s intention – whether playing for fun or playing better bonus odds to win real money – there are plenty of very enjoyable and lucrative options out there.

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